Yuletide at the North Sea

We spent the beginning of Yuletide by the freezing waters of the sea. It was more magical than any words can begin to explain.


  1. Que rien à dire tu as le talent pour montrer se que tous nous recherchons.......

    Rodolphe on the

    1. Felicitaciones!!! Pude sentir cada "momento" de tus fotos!

      Javier Zevi on the

      1. absolutely lovely makes me want to paint! brilliant

        Darren Hale on the

        1. molto belle , questi panorami alti e quieti.E questo mare che sembra anche un deserto.

          adriano lazzari on the

          1. 我好喜歡你的照片 I love your photo very much.

            Tina Sung 宋 on the

            1. beautiful... I love to watch this kind of photos from travels. <3
                1. You both take such wonderful stories. I do not mean this in a rude way but sometimes I can't help but look forward to your "diary" posts the most because the moments you capture are so raw and make me feel like I'm right there too. All your work is beautiful though, please don't think it isn't. I can't wait to see what 2014 holds for you and what you share this year with us. <3

                  Oldine Rugland on the

                  1. So beautiful photos! I like coming back here and watching your shots! and I love seven sisters and its breathtaking views!
                    1. these are incredible! england looks beautiful and i hope i'll get the chance to visit someday. :) xx

                      nadine-kate on the

                      1. Your photos are beyond beautiful! Caitlin
                        1. i just love these, you are so good
                          1. What lovely shots I see here! [: The pictures do have a grainy feeling to them and I presume that these might have been taken with a film camera but nevertheless, they look wonderful! I love the peacefulness they have. And I also see a lovely Florrie in the windy wind! C:
                            1. Happy Yuletide! Beautiful photos. x PS: Florrie is JUST TOO CUTE!!!

                              Emelie on the

                              1. These photos are so beautiful. Just looking at them calmed my heart.
                                1. Merry Christmas/yuletide Kitty, Nathan & Florrie! :) xx

                                  Christina Mellow on the

                                  1. These photos are absolutely stunning! Your dog is so cute, haha! I love the effect you put on your photos, it looks so dreamy! How do you edit them like that? Just followed you on bloglovin!
                                    1. I'm in love with these, in particular photo No.2! Were they taken digitally? They look so film-like and I wonder how you achieve that effect if you create it.

                                      Sara McCullen on the

                                      1. Stunning. ♥

                                        Anita on the

                                        1. This series is beautiful, it feels as if I'm almost there by looking at them! Keep up the good work. :D

                                          Romina Carlton on the

                                            1. Beautiful!! So glad I stumbled upon this!
                                              1. Woahhhh... exceptional!

                                                Kayley on the

                                                  1. Brrr! I can feel the cold just by looking at these. I love the tones and spontaneity to these, happy yuletide!

                                                    Lorene Castaneda on the

                                                      1. Nice clear blue sky!... Almost the same daylight we had here in my country today, as well. A wonderful daylight to photo shooting. And you three were beautiful while posing. Congrats! ;-) Giuseppe
                                                        1. Kitty, these are incredible. It looks so magical and just how I imagine Britain to look. :D x

                                                          Delfina Zito on the

                                                          1. I absolutely love these photos! I was wondering were they taken digitally? If so how did you achieve such a beautiful grainy/vignette effect? If it was through photoshop I'm still trying to master it! What you've created is perfect and I love the subtlety, Best x

                                                            Antonio Perricone on the

                                                            1. i find your blog so full of inspiring photographs and it is my favorite! excuse my english i am from mexico. keep taking such nice photos! x x x

                                                              karla on the

                                                              1. nice! wich camera did you use?

                                                                silvia on the

                                                                1. Very atmo pictures. It's rather cold here to, but not freezing and it's sometimes cloudy, sometimes sunny. But thanks to your pictures, we can all have a small idea how it would be, far away from our warm comfy home, in a place like that. Thanks for uploading and sharing, they are all very beautiful...
                                                                  1. Lovely as always, I love how simple the photos are, yet they tell a beautiful story. <3
                                                                    1. Thank you.....I can feel the wind and taste the salt in the air..........wish I was there

                                                                      maggi fletcher (Maddys grandmother) on the

                                                                      1. It look so cold, I can't think how cold it must be with all the hot sun we have here in Sydney! Very beautiful photos though, it almost makes me want to visit! ;) x

                                                                        Emily on the

                                                                        1. I like it :)

                                                                          Aleksandra on the

                                                                          1. I love this! Simple yet atmospheric!

                                                                            Rone on the

                                                                            1. Hey! i love this set of images, what preset or curve do you use??
                                                                              1. Pretty *_*

                                                                                Helena Hromadová on the

                                                                                1. These are beautiful. I really like the vintage vibe they have. :)

                                                                                  Skye on the