Winter Weekend Wandering

There is something so captivating about the coast in wintertime, even if it is louder and rougher. With no tourists, it feels completely free to explore as your own; perhaps it's this distinct lack of crowds which makes it feel all the more exciting to venture around.

So we took the opportunity to spend a very rainy winter weekend in Dungeness with high winds and sea spray numbing our cheeks. The grey sky endlessly stretched out as we cuddled for warmth. Even in the rawest of winter weather, it's so much fun to get to be outside and feel exhilarated doing what you love most.


  1. Really cool photos!
    1. Winter weather definitely brings out a rawness to the outdoors and your photos capture it perfectly - they're stunning!
      1. These are absolutely stunning! Such gorgeous photos as always. I'd love to visit :)
        1. Beautiful! I've just been to the beach and although it's spring, it still feels like winter. Love it.
          1. These houses look soooo cute!
            1. Your Pictures are incredible. Everytime I see your site I feel very inspired.
              1. Wonderful photos! I love them so much. I'm wondering... what camera do you take your photos with? XOXO
                1. Beautiful images. This post was an inspiration to me, to get out and shoot and find the beauty. Because it is there!
                  1. Oh such great nordic pictures. I simply love this look.
                    1. I wait for your photogaphs like a Christmas gift, I love them ! This winter seaside is so magical.
                        1. These photos look amazing. You are a brilliant photographer.
                          1. I also love the beach in winter! I think the waves sound louder in this season also. You have captured it very beautifully.

                            Karen Boen on the

                            1. So bleak and so beautiful!

                              Mary on the

                              1. I totally agree with what you say about it being exhilarated whilst adventuring outdoors in winter - I actually mention that in an upcoming post tomorrow. Often times we coop ourselves up, but you can have just as much fun bundled up and visiting places you'd perhaps only visit during warmer weather. Different view point too - which is great for photography. These pictures are just stunning!
                                1. What beautiful photographs! It must have been so nice to have the place all to yourselves, with how touristy everything is these days it is nice to get away from all the people sometimes :)
                                    1. Great photos - I really love these. This place looks wonderful!

                                      Stephanie on the

                                      1. Ah I love Dungeness...that David Jarman house is a treat to photograph! I've only ever been on summer days where the sky has been bright blue, but I'd love to shoot some foggy and cloudy days there :)
                                        1. Oh what a lovely day! I can imagine how nice it must have been to explore the place as your own especially because of how quiet it was, like you said. Beautiful!
                                          1. Kitty, I follow you on Facebook and I just adore your photography. Thank you for making my feed so much nicer. ❤

                                            Eden Rogel on the

                                            1. Wow, what a magical place! I need to visit Dungeness for sure
                                              1. Wonderful pictures!! I love the peaceful feeling that they give out, and the great contrast between those dark houses and the almost white sky.
                                                1. Winter's deep By the sea. Makes me ready To drink coffee! -Thanks for the inspiration for adventuring in winter!
                                                  1. Beautiful photos, I love the seaside in the winter, almost more than I do in the summer months. Lack of tourists and aggressiveness of weather make it magical! Alice xx
                                                    1. I haven't been to Dungeness in years and you've made me want to visit again!!
                                                      1. Gorgeous photographs!
                                                        1. It looks so pretty! ♥

                                                          Marina on the

                                                            1. BEAUTIFUL!! THIS POST JUST GAVE ME SUCH A NICE WARM FEELING IN MYHEART ! <3
                                                              1. Such beautiful compositions and tones in this little series :)