Winter Waves

The winter days are cold and short, they feel like they stretch on forever before us. We spent a bitterly cold Sunday wandering around Kent, discovering new places by the wash of the sea. Our toes were numb and our fingers stung as we braced ourselves against the wind, questioning whether we should go home and warm up or persevere. We persevered, spent the afternoon atop the cliffs looking towards the wind farms out at sea before heading homewards to light a fire. Getting to spend quality time together somewhere new and quiet is always worth a bit of chill.


  1. Pictured are just incredible. Breathtaking. I have no words. What camera do you use?

    Maria on the

      1. Absolutely adore your photography. Pictures are wonderful so the perseverance was definitely worth it! xo
          1. These are gorgeous!
            1. i love that yellow coat! and these photos are beautiful, everything looks so calm and lovely! x
              1. Beautiful, Beautiful photos! x
                1. Love your images!! love the lighting and the colours :)
                  1. Your photos are so georgeous, it's something that touch my soul
                    1. Ah Botany Bay! Lovely to read this and reminisce

                      Phillipa on the

                      1. So stunningly beautiful. You make me want to go to all these gorgeous places! Katie <3
                        1. Your photography is beautiful! You may hear this a lot but you might be interested in mine?
                          1. This is beautiful, I recently stumbled across your blog and I'm so glad I did. I live not far from Kent and these photos just make me feel like where we are in the world is so stunning.
                            1. the large photos on the page make the cliffs and rocks seem all the larger. they also remind me of Monument Rocks in western Kansas. it used to be underwater and everything, so it's these big cliff like things right in the middle of the prairie. but i so have to see the sea sometime.
                              1. Really beautyfull!
                                1. Your blog is pure gold. Seriously.
                                  1. great :( i love it!
                                      1. These photos look like they are straight out of a Wes Anderson movie, I love it!
                                        1. Amazing photos, I love that first one. Very Wes Anderson-esque
                                          1. wow I love these pictures! Simply beautiful!
                                              1. I fall in love … So beautiful photos !
                                                1. Your photography skills are amazing and I'm SO JEALOUS!!! ZoesSecretStyle.blogspot.co.il
                                                  1. Once again a lovely post. I especially enjoyed your written introduction.
                                                    1. So gorgeous!
                                                      1. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous and so inspiring! Being from Florida, we don't often go to the beach when its cool out, but it can still be so nice just to be near the salt air. Also our landscapes don't have any rocks, or cliffs, nearby. Really cool! Teffa
                                                        1. Stunning pictures! I love the sort of vintage glow these pictures have.. it goes along perfectly with the landscape. The sweater is also really well-matched! X
                                                          1. As always truly magical set of photos, Kitty! I've noticed a slight change in your photography style in the last last year or so. The transition has been so smooth that I was just recently able to spot it. Your ability to constantly evolve and build on your talent is envious. That's just one of the billion reasons why I love following your work. Thank you for sharing the beauty you capture with your lens, eyes and heart! x

                                                            Illie on the

                                                            1. The landscape is really interesting. This place looks cool. x Kate
                                                              1. Such beautiful photos, everything looks so calm <3
                                                                  1. Your adventures and photos inspire me and motivate me to see the beauty in the places around me. Thank you for sharing these adventures with all of us!
                                                                    1. The pictures give this cold and windy feeling! Beautiful!
                                                                      1. Beautiful pictures and I love your yellow jacket!
                                                                        1. These are just wonderful!
                                                                          1. It must be wonderful to live so near by the sea... I would never tire of these views. Beautiful pictures!
                                                                            1. Dreamy photos!
                                                                              1. Great pictures!! :)
                                                                                    1. It's nice to see some of the coastline of where some of my ancestors are from. Lovely pictures and colours.
                                                                                      1. I adore your adventure posts!! My favourite one from this set must be the first one of you, Kitty, with the binoculars! It looks pretty Wes Anderson-y! Keep adventuring and capturing these wonderful photos! Will write to you soon! xxx
                                                                                        1. That yellow jacket photo grabbed all of my attention. That photo is a real winner. This place looks like nothing I've ever seen before. Thanks for sharing Kitty.