Winter's Lull

Winter hasn’t seemed to know whether it’s been coming or going. The weather has been wet and mild. Daffodils sprung up at Christmastime and it all felt peculiar, like a season had been stolen away and we’d been thrown too far forward. Even the mountains had no snow and the temperatures stayed too high, it just didn’t feel like winter at all and in a way, it was really sad.

But then January brought the beginnings of the ice and snow. Not as much as usual, but it finally feels like winter is on its way. The wind makes your nose sore and you need multiple pairs of socks to keep warm. It may be a season of shivering, but without it, things just hadn’t felt right and we’re really happy its here after all. We went for a little adventure in the mountains, so as usual, here are a few little snaps we captured with icicle fingers.