Where The Horses Run Free

In mid-July we packed up and headed south to stay in the New Forest for our wedding anniversary. It may sound cliché but feeling the city disappear behind us felt so wonderful; all its anger and busyness left where it couldn’t reach us any longer. We ventured to where the horses run free and the horizons are wide, where the sounds of nature drown out the sounds of humans.

Our days were spent outside jumping over creeks, stumbling upon ponies, pretending ferns can laugh when brushed with our hands, ‘ringing’ foxgloves and taking time to let that fresh air into our lungs. We created countless memories and just existed so simply.

We’d return to our little thatched cottage so dirty and drowsy, we’d wash and sleepily climb the crooked 400-year-old staircases to nestle down beneath the thatched eaves. Sparrows hopped by the windows, the night summer Sun shone through the floral curtains turning the house golden and we’d drift-off smiling.

This is what we really, truly needed.