We Can Not Age in Our Sleep

We went to take photographs of ourselves because I couldn't remember the last time we both stood on the same side of the lens together.


    1. Your words and photos are a really beautiful combination. You speak with passion that only true artists possess. I am so happy to have stumbled across your website, and I am looking forward to your upcoming entries.
      1. Your work is beautiful and so from the heart.. your photos and words are so full of love and warmth :) Thank you xxx

        Aayushi on the

        1. You are awesome.

          Léa on the

          1. beautiful pics!! i follow you on facebook and i love your photographs, so inspiring, i like matching pictures with sayings or poems... would you like considering taking a picture for this phrase "te espero en el sueño de siempre, no llegues tarde".. it is just an idea :) you do a great job! really amazing.. kisses

            ana on the

            1. Your blog is the loveliest thing I have seen in a long while. These photos are just so inspiring and romantic; the perfect thing for me to see this afternoon before I head to work. Happy early birthday!
              1. Dear Kitty, I hope that you enjoy as much as you can your last days as a 22 year old dreamer! I am sure that 23 will bring new magical times! I really love the pictures you took this time. Dreaming in the sunlight makes them look even more magical! Lovely swing in the woods <3. Keep on dreaming!

                Simona on the

                1. WOW! I stumbled upon your blog from Making Magique and this is amazing. Your photography is wonderful and it sends shivers up my spine sometimes. Please, never stop taking pictures! These are so wonderful.
                    1. This is more than beautiful! The little snap shots of you two always brighten my days. If everybody looked at your website, the world would be more friendly and peaceful. Love to you xx

                      larissa on the

                      1. these are super beautiful as always kitty! i always love seeing your photos of love. wishing you, nathan and florrie a life of beauty and happiness!
                        1. These are so, so beautiful. 3 & 5 are my absolute favourites. Congratulations on having such a beautiful love. xx
                          1. To Kitty & Nathan . . . I could not be more in love with you two! Your works are simply outstanding, and together -Florrie included- your family is absolutely adorable. I wish you three all the best and hope someday our paths cross. Continue to inspire and never stop loving - as life is too short. All the best~ K.

                            K. Renee on the

                            1. I can see the love you both have for each other in these photos, it's beautiful. Happy birthday for when it comes.
                              1. I lurrrve this little snippet of your lives! You guys are so sweet and look a lot younger than 23!! I hope 23 brings beautiful things your way, and that more people make the effort to support your works and amazing blog. Keep going, I appreciate every inch of joy you share through your images. :-D xoxo

                                Melanie Davis on the

                                1. Dearest Kitty, Wishing you a very happy birthday for when you turn 23 in a few days! Ahhh....you're still very much a spring chicken so young and angelic. These photos of you and your little family are simply wonderful. They really did bring a smile to my face!! here's to you and your 23rd year, may it bring you love, luck, health and happiness xxx
                                  1. I remember seeing the photos of you two together years ago and it is what made me fall in love with your art. You ate such a sweet looking couple (physically as well as emotionally) and these are so heart warming to see from you. <3

                                    Tania on the

                                    1. Aweeeee you two are so precious :)
                                      1. These are so enchanting! You are the queen of bokeh, Kitty!