This Pretty Soul

The swallows and swans circled our muddy feet as we leapt daffodils and explored flower arches high above our heads. We fed squirrels with ice cream cones and lazily draped over the greenhouse railings in the humidity, wilting like tired flowers. We made camp in the shade of an old tree where we sat with our roses and let the energy flow back into our legs. The air was hazy around us and the sun looked like a dusty old light bulb, soft enough to gaze at. There were blossoms and we wrapped ourselves in lace. It was revisiting childhood memories of summer picnic outings.

My beautiful friend, Amy for Wish Magazine. With many thanks to Kew for kindly letting us run wild and supporting our shoot.


  1. It's so romantic! The dresses which wear your models loosen (? sorry for my english :s) a retro effect, they are really nice!
    1. Beautiful, beautiful storytelling! How do you find your models do you know them personally?
      1. Truly the best photos I have ever seen in my life! :-)

        L on the

        1. OMG these are the most amazingly beautiful photographs I have ever seen. Brilliant work to you and your team!

          Amy Ryan on the

          1. Wow,amazing photos. Your blos is adorable. ♥
            1. Ah, Kew Gardens :) Stunning photos, as usual, Kitty!

              Robyn on the

              1. Kitty, these photos, filled with light and magic, brightened my day. Seeing you grow with every photo you take is inspiring and you manage to leave me covered in a dreamy haze everytime I read a word of yours.
                1. This is so beautiful, I wish to be your model :)
                  1. Oh my gosh, Kitty! These are my favorites ever! Your model is such a beauty and it all seems so wonderful warm and sweet :)

                    Larissa on the

                    1. What a wonderful story you made here! I really love the pictures and that greenhouse sounds so dreamy! Really wonderful warm shots! <3
                        1. This series is really pretty, probably my favourite!!
                          1. Wow, really love this. This is your best series ever!

                            Yvonne on the

                            1. these are gorgeous kitty, definitely some of your best work. the ones in the interior and with the glass in the back blew me away.
                              1. I am so happy you've finally posted this series. The minute I saw the previews you showed us I was absolutely certain the whole set of images would be magic, but I can tell you now my imagination wasn't prepared for such beauty ... Kitty your vision and realm of thought is so unique! You see the ordinary on a completely different level and you are so good at capturing all that in the most extraordinary way. :)

                                Iliyana on the

                                1. this is definitely my favorite work of yours... I love everything in this magical story; the location, outfit, colour, atmosphere, flowers, and beautiful Amy! You are so talented, Kitty :) xxx
                                  1. Your new blog is AMAZING - content, layout, everything! You and Nathan must be so proud :D This has got to be one of my favourite sets of yours yet, you and Amy work so magically together and combined with your wonderful talent, that is one perfect recipe for achingly beautiful photographs <3 Looking forward to seeing lots more lovely posts from you! xxxx
                                    1. These photos are beyond beautiful Kitty! And I'm loving this new blog, it is so pretty!
                                      1. kitty this is how i see i see your soul personified, it feel like your pure magic spirit spilling out to us and leaving us all bewitched. the pages of a storybook, a flower faerie dancing. when i saw the preview of this shoot i knew it would be one of the most spectacular things, but i don't think my brain could really comprehend just what it was in for. your blog is my new favourite place on the internet, one filled with everything i need to fill my brain with pure uplifting happiness and inspiration. my awe for you is be forever endless, and i think it's fair to say that i am dancing around in excitement for everything you will ever create, ever.
                                        1. So beautiful Kitty, these are probably my favourites. You and that model have something alike between each other, although I can't quite put my finger on what it is. Either way, you are wonderful and I love your new, creative blog that brightens up my mood whenever I see it! :)
                                          1. really wonderful ! i love that series ♥
                                            1. Wow! I love space (where is this place?), photos and of course the model. Amazing photoshoot! x

                                              Ewa on the

                                              1. this series is literally AMAZING!!!!
                                                1. The second picture from the top is my absolute favourite. It's so full of joy and freedom. The way the model's body is positioned makes her appear as if she was the light summer wind. The location and colours are fantastic too.
                                                  1. Absolutely gorgeous, waited to see this! Love the location and the styling and all the details you captured (like her legs on the stairs, beautiful!).
                                                    1. @Ceranna, indeed it is! Their link is at the bottom of the post. [:
                                                      1. these are beautiful!
                                                        1. Oh my GOD, this is even better than your first entry, which I thought to be impossible. I love every single photo equally, the model is beautiful, the styling perfect, everything is magical! It has this special Kitty-touch all over it <3 Just an idea, personally I would love to see a 'Behind the scenes' entry from any photoshoot, I love looking at those :D

                                                          Marianna on the

                                                          1. Wow, these look really beautiful! xx
                                                            1. Whimsical! Is it in Kew Gardens?