The White Cliffs

Winter still holds on as tightly as it can and whilst we grimace and brace ourselves against it, it was nice to capture more of it before it leaves us. The bleakness of the season does sometimes feel like it stretches on for the longest part of the year. The rain slashed our faces and the sudden gusts were pretty worrying at times so we didn't wander as far as usual. What time we did have was nothing short of perfect though. We’ll always love winters on the coast.


  1. Ooh sooo pretty! xxx

    Ella on the

    1. Very beautiful. So simplistic.
      1. Breathtaking!
        1. Are these the white cliffs of Dover in the UK? y grandmother always talked about them and they are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

          SmartyPants on the

          1. Truly such a beautiful set of photographs!
              1. What a scenery! Makes me want to travel there... (after your tips for Scotland, I'm sure I won't be disappointed...)!