The Story of Us

We lay amongst the sheets and blankets of our bed fort as the sun sets into our white-walled nest, shadows of leaves etched onto the ceiling. I trace your skin and we name our constellations of freckles and moles. A southern wind drifts through our bedroom window, there's no need for words here.

You're the one who knows how I tick. You understand that when I say, "nothing" it means "everything." You're the only one who knows everything about me and accepts me for all my flaws. You make me realise it's okay to not be perfect, because you can see past my faults. And together we make a team to be better people. You have never once failed to show me how much you care. You are the kindest and most compassionate person I have ever met. Your eyes are so honest and your heart is full of goodness. You forever inspire me to be a better, happier and more thoughtful person; something I am always grateful for you teaching me. There has never been a day when I haven't been grateful for your love and support.

5 years ago, if you had told me that in 2012, we would be sipping ice tea in our very own garden watching the noisy parakeets, I probably would've called you a dreamer. Between then and now, there was so much to face, there were mountains to be moved and seas to be sailed with little navigation. However, somehow, we made it happen. From the first day I ever spoke to you on the internet to our first phone call and our very first meeting to our very first kiss, I realised anything was possible. We flew as lovesick teenagers across the world to be together. The day before my 18th birthday, I landed home in London alone after travelling 27 hours across the world away from you. I turned my phone on to read your words, you said you were on the next flight out to come and live in the UK. You arrived the next morning with a suitcase of belongings. And ever since, we've been adventuring this life together. Last year, I waved goodbye to you as you flew away for yet another visa for the very last time. This time we had the promise this would be the permanent one. And we moved into our first house together where we had a stable place to nest, our very own house. Our roots grew deeper.

I spent the beginnings of this summer watching you paint our bricks white and mow our lawn, I brought ginger beer out to you on trays with biscuits and we'd sit and watch the world go by. Those little moments are the ones I cherish with you, every day I am happy to just be able to reach out and touch you. You make up the best tales when I'm tired. You bake the best banana cake. You give the best cuddles and veil my hair with kisses. There is so much talent you have, I find myself in constant awe. And that moment when you tickle me and I let out that raw, deep laugh which never ceases to make you crease over in giggles, that is what I live for. Your happiness.

From our poems sent by post, webcam dates to spending our evenings on a rug making shadow puppets, this journey has unfolded so delicately. Life is comfortable with you around, you make it good. There is no need for sadness or despair when you wrap your arms around me. And when I stroke you to sleep, I feel an overwhelming sense of emotions. You are more than the stars and brighter than the sun, your eyes spellbind me in their warm blue and your breath hushes my racing mind. Thank you for being my cuddle buddy, my smoothie-brewer, the sugar to my tea. Thank you for being everything you are, my best friend, my wonderboy.

I don't know where we'll be in 5 years time, but I know I will love you more then that I do now, and even though I love you most today, it only grows in time. I have no words big enough to simply put down how much you mean to me, I don't think there are any words big enough.

Happy birthday, Nathan. May this year be your best one yet, I will always be here.


  1. I commented earlier on a post. Then I read the post of someone saying not nice things about the two of you. And, now, here I am reading this and I have tears streaming down my cheeks. I have loved going through your stories today and they have been my therapy, as I noted before. This story of you two is absolutely beautiful, and after just losing someone very close to me your writing here brings me sadness they are gone and I will never hold their hand again but I know there is love that can still be found and that life is still there, with it's own heartbeat and our own heartbeat has to merge with it. Thank you for all your writings, you have moved me today, in a better direction.
    1. I' ve just found your blog through one of your "Apple buds" photos and I read, firstly the story about you (I found traces of myself in those words...) and now this, both being just so magical, so dreamy... This love story that you shared with us is something so personal to share but I'm grateful that you did because it' s like a music to soothe the soul on a gloomy day. Reminds us to always believe in true love... Wishing you all the best in your life and work! xo from Croatia

      Nina on the

      1. This is beautiful..
        1. What a beautiful post. I'm speechless!

          Catherine on the

          1. I really admire you for not sugar coating love and making out it's some kind of fairytale gaga land - your magic comes from your heart as you are so honest and that is what makes you so unique and your love so incredibly different and special. You're both adorable, it'd be a dream to meet you someday, hey, maybe if I ever make it across the pond!!

            Amy Ryan on the

            1. So cute, I wish to one day be in love. <3

              Carmina on the

              1. This is Sooo sweet and beautiful! He's a lucky guy! I'm just curious though.. Do you guys like, plan on getting married? I mean, you're living and sleeping together without being married, which I personally don't agree with but whatev. and I'm just curious if you guys plan on living like that forever, or if you are going to become official?

                Allie on the

                1. Thanks for sharing your love story. May your love grow stronger each and every day :) Happy birthday to him!
                  1. Awww! This really makes me cry <3 You are so incredible wonderful!

                    Larissa on the

                    1. This is, without a doubt, the sweetest thing ever. I wish you and Nathan all the best. You are such a lovely couple. xo
                      1. This is the sweetest and most inspiring thing I have ever read. It made me happy and made me believe in true love, and maybe, maybe I'll be lucky enough to experience it one day. It makes me so happy that there are people out there like you 2, so beautiful together. You change the world by being this little team, you inspire, you create magic. I hope Nathan has the most wonderful birthday! <3
                        1. You are the most beautiful couple!!! Brought tears to my eyes, as you often do with your beautiful love story <3

                          Danielle on the

                          1. This is a beautiful post. The words have so much feeling in them, I love how simple and honest it is.
                            1. I've read your wonderful story while sipping my morning tea ~~ You've already made my day. You two have a really beautiful story and I'm really happy that you found each other! Hope that in 5 years from now you'll have even more beautiful moments together! And maybe even more hamster haha [: ~~ Hope Nathan has/had a wonderful birthday. Wish you both the best ~~ *hugs*
                              1. your words brought a tear to my eye. you're a dreamer, a beautiful writer and so talented. always nice to hear a good love story <3 cheers to you and Nathan! the world can tear your bodies part but never your hearts.

                                jess on the

                                1. out of all the words i've read by you, i feel like these are truly from your heart. when you find someone who truly understands you, you become one of the luckiest people in this world. i'm glad you've found that with nathan. to both of you- keep striving hand in hand with each other, always. it's the sweetest thing to have that special someone to lean on when you're feeling weak but even when you're feeling strong.
                                  1. You two are such beautiful people. Thanks for letting us read your beautiful love story. I wish both of you all the best!

                                    Seesar on the

                                    1. This was seriously one of the sweetest things I've ever read. And these photos are absolutely beautiful!
                                      1. It's so inspiring to hear your guys' story and see the love you two share through your words and photographs. Couples like you two give the rest of us hope that true love does exist. Thank you for expressing your love through your beautiful photographs.

                                        Emma on the

                                        1. Great shots and sweet couple