The Freckle & the Feather

It’s a crisp autumn, we’re shrouded in blankets and fuelled by hot tea after hot tea. I’ve been knitting a lot, especially socks to try and combat my chilblains once and for all. We miss summertime gardening and coming home and going to tend to our patch of green, I stare longingly at the shedding trees that sway and creak in the cold wind, wishing they’d stay red just a little longer. Florrie naps by the fires we light as we cuddle up with hot water bottles and drift in and out of a warm sleep echoing the crackling flames. I live for the weekends of hot chocolate mornings in bed and playing our vinyls through the house as we shuffle in a bleary eyed dance across the carpets. I am grateful for everything being calm, we are the quiet air in the morning that makes your bones feel awake. Autumn, you’re being good and part of me has missed you like an old friend.