The Freckle & the Feather

It's a crisp autumn, we're shrouded in blankets and fuelled by hot tea after hot tea. I've been knitting a lot, especially socks to try and combat my chilblains once and for all. We miss summertime gardening and coming home and going to tend to our patch of green, I stare longingly at the shedding trees that sway and creak in the cold wind, wishing they'd stay red just a little longer. Florrie naps by the fires we light as we cuddle up with hot water bottles and drift in and out of a warm sleep echoing the crackling flames. I live for the weekends of hot chocolate mornings in bed and playing our vinyls through the house as we shuffle in a bleary eyed dance across the carpets. I am grateful for everything being calm, we are the quiet air in the morning that makes your bones feel awake. Autumn, you're being good and part of me has missed you like an old friend.


  1. You take very beautiful photos, Kitty. They are so dreamy and romantic. I'm a huge fan. And I'd love to live

    Su on the

    1. where do you live? the scenery looks very beautiful and made me feel very autumnal, brilliant photographs! ❤❤

      annabel on the

      1. Amazing snaps.....

        Rbsanjeeb on the

        1. You couldn't capture autumn more beautifully. Florrie's such a cutie!
          1. Wow, I don´t think I´ve ever commented on your site. But I read it, like- all the time. Haha! I can´t even start to explain how much I love reading what you write and get lost in your wonderful photos! You are truly a rolemodel for me when it comes to photography and writing. Weeeell, I just thought I should let you know I love getting lost in here...

            Mathilde on the

              1. Very nice pictures, autumn is a season that I love.
                1. Waouh these images are so pretty! Very good! x

                  Melita Posavec on the

                  1. Kitty, you have good eyes <3

                    Aleksandra on the

                    1. Such a inspiring post!! Where do you live? I think of London as a big city with lots of buildings etc, but all your photos are with so much wildlife. I really like Autumn and all the colors it displays. :)

                      Aja on the

                      1. Love the picture with the dog on the bridge <3
                        1. Lovely post! I am here in sunny Southern California and wishing we had some cold weather. You are blessed.
                          1. These are making my eyes throb in beauty! You captured Autumn so well and it looks as if you've had a lot of fun too. I love Florrie's sleepy eyed photo! xx

                            Nicky on the

                            1. Autumn is by far my most favourite month, and it's not hard to see why after admiring these beautiful photos. Your creativity never fails to light up my day :)

                              Sam on the

                              1. I love the portrait of Nathan and you and the last one (gorgeous view). Your photos are magical like always and your words reconcile me a bit with grey, dull and cold autumn full of fog (which destroys so many of my photo plans...) at the moment.
                                1. I love them all! You have captured autumn with such a soft and warm touch.
                                  1. These are such beautiful photographs!
                                    1. Beautiful. Just beautiful.
                                      1. I was really eager to see this post, Kitty! I love the autumny feeling from your pictures and everything that you shared with us! I love the picture where Nathan and Florrie also are looking down that bridge! Florrie is really funny. C: Hope that you get finished with the knitting so you can be prepared for winter! Have a happy autumn! <3
                                        1. Very nice set.!
                                          1. Such a beautiful collection of photographs.
                                            1. Stunning as always! There's no one's photography I love more than yours, I could gaze at it all day!xxx

                                              Lizzie on the

                                              1. I do adore your photographic diary posts!! And this one was just as beautiful and dream-like as the rest <3

                                                Aayushi on the