The Deer Ones

There’s something so genuine about discovering a connection with nature. We spent an age, persevered through seasons and time to form a bond with the deer.

At first there was disappointment as we managed only to frighten them all away. We slept through a melancholy winter’s night, the gales bombarding our window, all the while wanting nothing more than to get back there the next day. We would return, we vowed.

The sun grew higher each morning. Spring had arrived. The sound of birds on the breeze, the scent of flowers faintly perfuming the warm air. Gently, a little nudge on the hand but with all the timidness of a mouse. Patience, it seemed, was required in scores - and it did but prevail.

Before long, they would know us by sight. We’d come waltzing up to them and they to us, snaking through the soaring summer grasses toward each other’s embrace. Recognition - perhaps even love - was certainly glinting back in their eyes. The trust of an animal is far more real than the trust of a human sometimes, and they will forever be our friends.