The Deer Ones

There's something so genuine about discovering a connection with nature. We spent an age, persevered through seasons and time to form a bond with the deer.

At first there was disappointment as we managed only to frighten them all away. We slept through a melancholy winter's night, the gales bombarding our window, all the while wanting nothing more than to get back there the next day. We would return, we vowed.

The sun grew higher each morning. Spring had arrived. The sound of birds on the breeze, the scent of flowers faintly perfuming the warm air. Gently, a little nudge on the hand but with all the timidness of a mouse. Patience, it seemed, was required in scores - and it did but prevail.

Before long, they would know us by sight. We'd come waltzing up to them and they to us, snaking through the soaring summer grasses toward each other's embrace. Recognition - perhaps even love - was certainly glinting back in their eyes. The trust of an animal is far more real than the trust of a human sometimes, and they will forever be our friends.


  1. Wow! These shots are awesome! There's a deer park not too far from my house, I want to go there now!
    1. So beautiful pics. It is like a fairy tale. Princess and deer.
      1. I love deers they seem so peaceful and your pics are amazing!
        1. I love these photos!! So nice and wild.
          1. I love these photos! They look like illustrations from a fantasy movie. I'm new in here, I'm so happy I found your blog. <3
            1. LOL. Just in case - I put a wrong address in the previous comment, I'm no spammer or a bot hahaha. :)

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          2. The german leader of NPD (a racist party in Germany) use your picture:

            Sebastian on the

            1. Thanks so much for letting us know, it's really appreciated. Thankfully Instagram took it down. :)

              Nathan on the

          3. Wonderful, magical.
            1. Amazing! These photographs are so special and so gentle. It's so beautiful and I just love everything about your blog!
              1. Incredible photos, I love your blog.
                1. Reindeer is just so amazing...
                  1. Stunning pics!

                    Madica on the

                      1. stunning photos!
                        1. Lovely pictures! I wish I can meet with Bambi too. :)
                          1. This is amazing. Beautiful blog!
                            1. I really like your pics!
                              1. The deer are so adorable and the photos definitely reflect how spectacular they are! xx
                                1. WOW! I´m in love with your photos! Really! ♥

                                  Zuzana on the

                                    1. wow that's stunning! awesome :)
                                        1. wow this is so inspiring! Loved every single one of this picture, this blog is such an inspiration for me ;) wowww!

                                          julia on the

                                            1. These photos are stunning. They give off a sense of calm, like sitting outside and just listening to the wind and the trees
                                              1. This is soooo lovely. You amazing that they trust you and don't mind you being around. And they are really beauties!
                                                1. wow the pictures are so great! where was this taken? xx
                                                  1. These are truly such beautiful images.
                                                    1. this is really wonderful

                                                      simonne on the

                                                      1. Such a beautiful combination, those colours and the flowers. Nature at its very best.
                                                        1. This is insanely stunning... I am just speechless!!
                                                          1. It's beautiful to see your patience pay off.
                                                            1. Such beautiful pictures with a stunning story behind them!
                                                              1. No flippin' way. Holy moly, those are the prettiest antlers I've ever seen. You lucky duck, I've always wanted a deer friend!
                                                                1. Such a beautiful shoot, feels organic!

                                                                  sarsh on the

                                                                  1. KITTY YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL

                                                                    Amelie on the

                                                                    1. Wow, these pictures are surreal! I would love to be able to connect with wildlife like this. :)
                                                                      1. Magic ! Thanks for this moment of love :)
                                                                        1. These photos are gorgeous! :)
                                                                          1. Wow, amazing! Really beautiful

                                                                            Senna on the

                                                                              1. Wow, these photos are really amazing.. How lucky you are! :)
                                                                                1. Absolutely stunning photographs. They truly trust you, what an amazing bond to have, better than treasure!

                                                                                  Amanda G on the