Summertime Lull

With fingers as nimble as spider's legs and eyes as deep as the ocean, Holly retreats to her meadow den. Everything is achingly serene in the grass bed, the only sound is a sleepy chorus of moon-drunk crickets. The sun has gone to bed behind the trees, the air is thick in warmth with the sound of evening birds. The essence of summertime lull.

Model is Holly O'Brien, the best little model ever scouted.


  1. Wow, I could look at your pictures forever... These pictures inspires me so much and makes me want to take my camera out and just make stories come to life. When I see pictures like these I want to be a photographer, like you. But it's just so many good photographers out there, and I don't stand a chance! Thanks for sharing your work. It actually made my day :)

    Sunniva on the

    1. I adore the whole of your pictures! This collection is pure magic! Thanks for sharing!!!

      Bernardo Segala on the

      1. Ahh I just love EVERYTHING on your blog! :D

        Jean on the

        1. I just found your blog and am so fixed that I had to start at the VERY beginning! This is such a beautiful post of a stunning girl. It feels so summery and sleepy, great atmosphere!

          Amy Ryan on the

          1. She has the BEST freckles! The mood is lovely...these are all beautiful!
            1. Wow! This is pure magic, Kitty! Very well done!

              Larissa on the

              1. Absolutely breathtaking. She looks beautiful. These photographs look beautiful! Well done, Kitty! x
                1. so pretty, Kitty! xx
                  1. i agree with stacey, the dark contrast definitely adds something to this series, and is a little different from much of your other work. i'm guessing holly may have been a bit uncomfortable laying on those wood pieces though? so brave! love the new layout as well. hooray to you and nathan for the accomplishment :)
                    1. These are stunning, Kitty! You've captured beauty in the most unpretentious of ways. I love every single image, the colors are amazing. The wait was totally worth it! Can't wait for the next sweet post.

                      Iliyana on the

                      1. Oh, Kitty you are so wonderful, everything you put your pretty hands on becomes magical. You make my days!

                        Lari on the

                        1. Love the tones! Beautiful pictures. :)

                          Anikha on the

                          1. Wow! Wonderful mood and beautiful model! This is pure magic, Kitty! <3

                            Lari on the

                            1. Love the one before the last picture, so cute, also the close up portrait of her freckles is so gorgeous, you showed it in the best way possible. :} Love how the dark tones contrast with her youth and her adorable looks.
                              1. The dark contrast is beautifully eerie. Loving the mood, and her freckles!
                                1. It's so beautiful Kitty, I love the design, the colours, everything! You and Nathan did a really good job with it! The photos are magical as ever, I can't wait to see more <3

                                  Marianna on the

                                  1. ahh kitty, these are so beautiful! some of your best images i think (: and i'm so glad you've released your new blog! i've been waiting patiently for your pretty pictures and this certainly doesn't disappoint. oh and the layout is lovely! claire x
                                    1. kitty, these are fantastic! especillay love the one where she sits on the wooden fence and the last one where she's among all these chopped logs - i admit to thinking these were open books at first :) loving your new eye candy website <3 ronnielle
                                      1. So peaceful looking, Love all the colours :) And absolutely adore the little heart counter! so cute!