Summertime 2012

What we did in the summertime through my dusty 1970's camera.

Decorating dungarees.

Lemon picking in Italy.

Pressing flowers.

Trips to the garden centre.

My 22nd birthday.

Ice cream meals.


Nathan learning to drive.

Olympic decorated little pub patios near our home.

Watching Team GB bring home gold.

Visiting our local fruit stall.

Butterfly kisses.


Morning tea with a best childhood friend who I hadn't seen in 9 years.

And teatime with a best friend.

5am train rides.

Finding new little places.

The hills that cradle London.

Singing to guitar in the woods.

Believing we were infinite. ✌

Watching sunsets.

Early bed time baths.

Picking berries from our Grandpa's garden.

"Our" little park.


Sugar, sugar, sugar!

Watermelon indulging.

Wood walks with fellow photographer Hattie.


  1. These are beautiful shots!! xx
    1. My God, what a throwback! x

      Tiny on the

      1. Omg, every single picture in this post is such great and inspiring!! The atmosphere they creates is.. amazing! It makes me feel I'm just right there, every time, and I can feel the stories they tell. Great work!
        1. I love these so much! The feel of them is just fantastic! Really wish one day I can be as good as this! Absolutely inspirational!! :)
          1. Your photography is breathtaking!
                1. So Summery! *_*

                  Yami on the

                  1. These are gorgeous!
                    1. I just saw these and my, they are so pretty!!! I wish I lived closer so that I could have face-to-face chats with you more often in little quaint cafes drinking liquid chocolate :) Hope everything's well with you! xx
                      1. i love these images! I love film! theres just something so genuine and down to earth about it! Please shoot and share more film! :) i'm looking forward to it!
                        1. where do you live in london? i visited once but you obviously live in a very woodland-y corner? :)
                          1. Great Shots!!! Love the feel behind each shot!!!
                            1. I take so much inspiration from you and Nathan. The way you team together and create beautiful websites and pieces of art is something I aspire to reach with my boyfriend one day too. Thank you guys so much.

                              Laura R on the

                              1. These may be simple snapshots of your Summer but they are full of magic and beauty! xoxox

                                Clare Morrison on the

                                1. It'd be nice to see more film from you as these are spectacular! x

                                  Josie on the

                                  1. These photos are so beautifully captured! :) Looks like you had a wonderful time ^_^
                                    1. We picked berries this Summer too! Really liked this post, it looks peacefully magical. :)

                                      P.F on the

                                      1. Kitty, all of these are so, so beautiful. You captured the moments perfectly.

                                        Mirjam on the

                                        1. beautiful photos. i love pictures of just simple, every day life. yours are so lovely <3
                                            1. These are just incredible! I can tell that you had a lovely summer just by looking at these photographs. ♥
                                              1. Just incredible! I REAAAALLY miss Summer now!

                                                Margaret on the

                                                1. Aw It makes me miss summer so much! This is beautiful like always <3

                                                  coralie on the

                                                  1. Kitty, I'd love to escape to your world! Your way of seeing and capturing beauty is so unique. I am happy that there are people like you out there, because otherwise reality would be completely stripped of magic. Every single post I see from you fills me with tons of inspiration and delight, a sincere thank you for that!!!
                                                    1. Dear Kitty, I have no word to describe how much I love these photos!! They are magical, stunning!!! Thanks for sharing a bit of your gorgeous summer with us <33
                                                      1. These are so cute! Is that photo of your best friend Katie Eleanor? I find it awesome my 2 favorite photographers hang out. :)

                                                        Cassie on the

                                                        1. perfect, love it!

                                                          Martina Bila (smajlova) on the

                                                          1. Realmente hermoso e inspirador je hasta me dieron ganas de conocer tu pais.
                                                            1. Pretty pretty pretty!
                                                              1. Everything looks so beautiful Kitty, I love your way of capturing the littlest things and making them look so special and wonderful! Your summer pictures look like they were just taken out of an old movie about fairytales. Keep blogging xx

                                                                Marianna on the

                                                                1. Your summer looks so magical like a perfect picture book! xxx

                                                                  Patricia Griffiths on the

                                                                  1. These are BEAUTIFUL! Which 1970's camera did you use in particular? (if you don't mind me asking!) These are so lovely and nostalgic :)
                                                                    1. This blog is beautiful! All the photos tell their own little stories of summer! Absolutely amazing!

                                                                      Emma on the

                                                                      1. Kitty, your photos are so wonderful! You are such a wonderful photographer!

                                                                        Larissa on the

                                                                        1. I love every single one of these photos. I'm so thankful for you and your willingness to share the world through your eye! So beautiful and perfect