Summertime 2012

What we did in the summertime through my dusty 1970’s camera.

Decorating dungarees.

Lemon picking in Italy.

Pressing flowers.

Trips to the garden centre.

My 22nd birthday.

Ice cream meals.


Nathan learning to drive.

Olympic decorated little pub patios near our home.

Watching Team GB bring home gold.

Visiting our local fruit stall.

Butterfly kisses.


Morning tea with a best childhood friend who I hadn't seen in 9 years.

And teatime with a best friend.

5am train rides.

Finding new little places.

The hills that cradle London.

Singing to guitar in the woods.

Believing we were infinite. ✌

Watching sunsets.

Early bed time baths.

Picking berries from our Grandpa's garden.

"Our" little park.


Sugar, sugar, sugar!

Watermelon indulging.

Wood walks with fellow photographer [Hattie](http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hattie-Day-Photography/386359261381177).