Snippets of Summer

Looking back, the summer days all blurred into one happy tangle. There was strawberry-picking followed by jam-making. There were nights of running through ferns to burn off our naptime energy. There were days of paddling in Saxon streams watching the minnows flash in the sunlight. Home-grown vegetables grew from tiny seeds on our kitchen table into leafy greens in giant pots on our patio. We celebrated birthdays and swung in tire swings found deep in the woods. Looking back, it seemed to come straight from the pages of a novel.

Summer seems to evoke a very specific kind of nostalgia, it seems to be a universal feeling for many. Perhaps it’s the lighter, longer days where the golden glow of the sunshine warms the lungs. Perhaps it’s the sweet warm wind that gently kisses your eyelids. Perhaps it’s everything bundled in together. Whatever it was for us, we both found ourselves saying at random intervals, “This is the best summer of our lives!” And I think we were definitely right about that.