Snippets of Autumn

The smell of wood fires slowly became stronger in the evenings as the Sun began to fade earlier and earlier with every day. The mornings greeted you with a cold kiss to your cheeks as spiders awoke to beaded beds. We wrapped our necks in woollen scarves and kicked the crunchy leaves as our breath misted in swirls towards the chilly sky. Autumn is the season for apples, big woollen jumpers, blanket hugs, mulled cider, chunky scarves, fog, bonfires and woolly socks. And even though it may feel hard knowing the long winter is returning once more, the change of season brings a freshness to it. We captured little bits and pieces around us, so we wanted to share our wee snippets of autumn with you.


  1. Toutes vos photos sont splendides,Merci pour ce partage ...

    Marie Claire on the

    1. These pictures are so intimately beautiful that I kept saying out-loud "what the heck is wrong with you"...which is basically me saying "how can you be so amazing"?? I'm inspired.

      Lindsey on the

      1. These images brought me joy; such a majestic time of year.
        1. Wow, amazing amazing photos. Such great editing. Are the shots so good from the beginning or do you edit them in post? Love them!
            1. Those pictures are more than amazing... Great job ! <3

              AC on the

              1. I just have found your blog. It's so amazing, can't breathe! Thank you for sharing of this beauty.
                1. These photos are a piece of heaven. I wish fall looked like that here. :]
                      1. Love '

                        mobigeno on the

                        1. What a lovely description of Autumn and set of photos to match, absolutely magical.

                          Lauren on the

                          1. Woah! I read your blog for the words! Such lovely words they are!
                            1. SO MANY amazing photos!

                              Alyson on the

                              1. stunning.

                                Anne on the

                                1. These are such beautiful photos. They capture autumn so perfectly. Your posts never fail to amaze me!
                                  1. awwww I love all these pics :) this blog is such an inspiration!

                                    julia on the

                                    1. Such a lovely pictures! Autumn is so beautiful. xo

                                      Desi on the

                                      1. Your photos are so lovely and evocative, they've perfectly captured the beauty of autumn. Love it!
                                        1. Where is this at? It's so beautiful, I love the first two photos. Did you use zoom lens or were you actually that close?
                                          1. Autumn is a glorious season and you capture it in the most beautiful way <3 Stunning pictures and lovely words like always
                                            1. So Beautiful! <3
                                              1. These are such magical snapshots of fall! I always love the colors of the season, and you captured them so beautifully.
                                                1. Wauw so beautiful!!
                                                  1. Wow those photos are stunning and the dog is adorable.
                                                    1. Those pictures are so magical! they capture perfectly the essence of Autumn! Stunning! xx
                                                      1. beautiful beautiful work as ever!
                                                        1. Lovely pictures and words...
                                                          1. Your blog is an enchanted forest filled with pure light and blissful magic! Please never, ever stop wandering and photographing <3
                                                            1. This was such a beautiful read & your photos are stunning! Absolutely a pleasant way to begin my morning :)
                                                              1. Absolutely stunning work. You inspire me with each and every post!
                                                                1. Beautiful photographs! I absolutely love the. You captured the feeling of fall.
                                                                  1. Uau, such beautiful photos! Loved the post
                                                                    1. Your blog is absolutely amazing!!! The pictures in this post are pure magic! :) Greetings from a swedish reader!

                                                                      Sanna on the

                                                                      1. Beautiful photos, gives such a warm feeling! :-)
                                                                        1. Such wonderful photographs!! Absolutely in love with them, your way of capturing things and feelings through your camera is absolutely magical.
                                                                          1. Kitty and Nathan your posts never cease to bring a bit of magic, visual goodness and whimsy into daily life. Thank you for seeing and capturing such beauty! xx

                                                                            Illie on the

                                                                            1. Such a beautiful post. The warmth and tones in the photos are incredible!
                                                                              1. Just really really wonderful!
                                                                                1. omg.! This is amazing kitty really love all the pictures which are rich in colours, lovely to see and it gives an wish to be there and thankyou so much for making us live there via ur magical photography #kitty <3

                                                                                  krkking on the

                                                                                  1. Added the post to my favorites on bloglovin before even reading it. Stuuuunning photos, as always. x
                                                                                    1. ooh yes, this is beautiful!

                                                                                      Senna on the

                                                                                      1. This post is incredible. I love all of the photos (maybe because I love the colours of Autumn) and I loved the text at the start. Your blog is amazing.
                                                                                        1. Stunning photographs... Those misty images just transport you...
                                                                                          1. Stunning photos
                                                                                            1. Those photos are gorgeous! I love the one with all the cobwebs along the fences!
                                                                                              1. Absolutely amazing photos, they transported me and made me feel like I was walking there right along with you! Thank you always for sharing :)