Scents of Yuletide

Christmas is definitely our favourite time of year. Frosty mornings, wearing woolly socks to bed, ice on the grass, the constant smell of wood fires burning from houses, all the twinkling lights; we could go on listing all day. One thing that always makes it feel more festive is the arrival of the Christmas tree which transforms the sitting room into a mini forest and walking in to the scent of it every morning never gets any less exciting. We wanted to share a really simple way of spreading a bit more Yuletide scent in your house. Firstly, collect your pine branches, they can be any kind of pine or spruce you can find or wish to use. Bring them home and place them in a pan of water which you simply boil on a low heat and let infuse, you'll find your house smelling of pine! You can snap the branches and cut the pine needles in half too which encourages a stronger scent; the fresher, the better! Merry Christmas!


  1. Beautiful writing style. Amazing photos, you really have developed your own shooting style. It would be nice to know what kind of lens you are using ? This is my first visit and I would just like to say "Love at first sight" :)
        1. I am enchanted by your photos. I could say that it is breathtaking! <3
          1. Christmas is the best time of every year!

            Angie on the

            1. Beautiful photos, enjoy this time of year! :-)
              1. Loved this post. Your writing just makes my heart melt and my soul sparkle. Love everything about your blog. Never stop!
                1. Uooooh, amazing!!
                      1. Wonderful pictures
                        1. This is a fantastic idea!!! Also, I cannot get over how gorgeous these pictures are!!!
                          1. Wonderful pictures and what a lovely idea :) Happy Holidays!
                            1. What a great idea, I'll definitely do this when my parents arrive this weekend, it'll be great to welcome them to our new home and have it smell of christmas and musty forests! Also, lovely photos as always - thanks for inspiring!
                              1. I love this idea! I can't wait to try it at home. Thanks so much for sharing and Happy Holidays to you!
                                1. Love your photos. Just started reading your blog! What a great find.

                                  Charlotte Lewis on the

                                  1. Oh this is just lovely, beautiful photos. And that is by far the best quality gif I have ever seen. Merry Christmas!
                                    1. Dearest Kitty, I am really happy to see both of you enjoying once again nature's beautiful gifts! :D I wish to have lived somewhere really close to a field where I could meet the morning fresh air every day. I really love the smell of the Christmas tree in our home and we usually put small branches throughout the house so we can spread the lovely scent! :D We found the perfect tree for this year but we are still keeping it in a cool place until we will be decorating it next week probably, if not a tad ealier. C: Maybe I'll get to try your "recipe" and spread the wonderful smell of Christmas!
                                      1. I love the photos and gifs. And thanks for sharing, I'm trying that one of these days. :)