Oceans of Colour

We packed up our car on a Friday morning and headed away from the humdrum of the city for the weekend. The heatwave bore down making the air feel thick and heavy like breathing in syrup. We were weary and needing space from the daily grind of life. On the Saturday morning we locked up our little barn accommodation and went to see the flower fields, made all the more special now knowing this is where our wedding confetti was grown; we’d had no idea until last year — when it was too late to visit — that they opened the fields for a few days every summer for the public to come and play amongst.

And play we did. And twirl. And just forget about anything else but enjoying that day; something we had been needing for so long. We parked right next to Keri-Anne and her beautiful flower fairy daughters which made it all the more magical. We hugged, shared excited hello’s and then exchanged a mini photo shoot each amongst the delphiniums. It was perfect. There really are no more words to be able to describe this visit, so we’ll just leave you with the beauty we tried to capture.