Northern Woods

It was one of those Saturdays where your feet seem to wake up before you, the Sun was high in the summer sky by the time the curtains were drawn open and the day felt like it was roaring to go. Let’s just go somewhere, anywhere, right now broke the silence. So we did. We grabbed the map, put on our shoes and wandered off down the pavement. Slowly but surely we felt London slip away behind us, the traffic noises faded, the paved paths became dirt tracks and each step felt more freeing than the last.

We sprung between the trunks taking it in turns to carry the bag. We’d rest a while in each new spot to take it all in and photograph as much of it as possible. It’d be nice to build a little house here. The trees cleared into an opening where we stood beside a cascading waterfall, taking shade in the trees to eat some lunch. We journeyed home down a twisting road where the giant tree roots had been grown to intertwine together to create ancient fences to keep livestock in, it felt like stepping back in time.

We’d become so blindly absorbed about travelling far away that we’d forgotten to explore closer to home. It kind of made us realise how sometimes beauty isn’t necessarily miles away in a land you’ve only ever read about, you can go and get fantastically lost with your map and wind up somewhere new and just as beautiful. The grass isn’t always greener.