Morning Waters

"It's raining!" "Let's go!" It bucketed down, almost whistling as it came, fogging up the windows as it created trickling streams on the other side of the glass. It was the kind of rain that drenched you through in seconds until your bones felt wet and your hair stubbornly stuck to your cheeks. We'd planned a morning watching the water with our regular "wake-up tea" - kind of overlooking the basic fact that it rains a lot in the UK - and nothing was going to stop us. Accompanied with our mugs kindly from Qtique, we looked out and watched the clouds come down to visit us. We sat in silence, stunned as we stared at the beauty of the mountains in the rain, our mugs warming our hands as raindrops dripped from the tips of our noses. Everything was perfect and more memorable than we could ever have planned. Slowly we sipped our tea away as we wandered the edge of the beautifully blue water, fingers stroking the handles of our mugs for that last bit of warmth before we ran back to the car to wring ourselves out.


  1. Please write a book! Your writing style is, to me, perfection... not to mention your photography is always delightful and somehow so satisfying to scroll through!
      1. Inspiring shots, they make me feel a bit more relaxed:)

        Sarah on the

        1. If there is anything in this world I love in this world it is the rain. I love the sound of it, the smell, the way it blurs your vision slightly (or completely), I love how it makes the whole world blurry. These pictures are wonderful and give off that whole vibe. I just discovered your blog and love it :) x I BLOG:
          1. goodness, i love that last photo! those little brooks/streams trickling down look like lightning bolts!
            1. Such a beautiful place, love the mood in the pictures! And those cups <3 <3
              1. Great post dear!
                1. Fantastic photos, especially like the last one with the fog/mist just drifting over the tops of the hills. Very romantic feel to it.
                  1. Superbe! 👌🏼

                    Élodie on the

                    1. Captivating pictures! I really enjoy reading your blog. Btw... your "About" is so lovely! All the best, Annika
                      1. These are beautiful photos. Where in the UK is it?
                        1. I adore these photos! You frame them so well! x
                            1. Amazing photos! They set the mood perfectly. Living in Miami, I can only dream of such romantic rainy weather :)
                              1. Beautifully told! Chalsie |
                                1. This looks like a perfect day! I am in love with what you captured. Beautiful photos!
                                  1. Wauw! What an amazing pictures!! Love the blue tones in it. Looks so quiet and relaxing.. Hope you've had a great weekend xx
                                        1. Magical photos as always, Kitty and Nathan! I especially love the one with the two cups! Makes me feel all warm and cozy! <3
                                          1. That sounds wonderful <3 I love your work, your photographs are absolutely magical!
                                            1. Stunning, awe-inspiring. Wonderful set of images. Looking forward to the next post. Keep up the good work!

                                              Amanda on the

                                              1. I have a love/hate relationship with rain, but there is something beautiful about water pouring from the sky. Your photography is amazing.
                                                1. I would love to have tea whilst admiring a scenery like that! Perfect afternoon. Who cares if it rains haha! A little rain won't dampen the atmosphere! x Carina
                                                  1. These photos are gorgeous! It's always nice to enjoy a rainy day instead of letting it bum you out!
                                                    1. Very nice photos, love it!
                                                      1. Your photos honestly make my week. They're always so beautiful and leave me speechless. Your mugs are super cute too. xxx
                                                        1. Beautifully written and beautiful photos!!! <3
                                                              1. your life is incredibly picture-perfect!
                                                                1. As a literature graduate, i highly enjoy your style of writing. Do you write like that often? It's lovely. The pictures that accompany the words are also. Roxy xox |
                                                                  1. I'm absolutely in love with your photography <3
                                                                      1. This is beautiful! Do you live in the UK? Although it rains a lot there, I'd love love love to live in such beautiful surroundings😍. Really great photography and your writing is on point too, great job!
                                                                        1. What a beautiful location for tea! These mugs are very lovely too. It looks like you had fun in the rain!

                                                                          Sara on the