On the Eve of 2014, we watched the Internet fill up with reflection posts of 2013 that others had compiled. Wishing we'd done the same, we decided to document the year as it went by, returning to the draft of this post every week to add the little moments throughout the year we'd otherwise perhaps forget.

New Year is often a time for new beginnings, to better yourself and correct your mistakes but it's also a time to celebrate the goodness you have also done. We're told to focus on the resolutions, but what about celebrating our achievements? Don't forget that over the past year you have done wonderful things that you should take into this next year with you too; after all, it's not just about the changes we should make! Whatever 2015 may have in store for you, may you do it with all the confidence you need. Have a fantastic time, be merry, laugh and don't lose sight of what you hold most dear.


January was full of rain and evenings of leftover mulled wine to keep us warm. The days were short and cold, the evenings were ferocious and loud with rain battering the glass of the windows. The remnants of Christmas looked sorrowful and people walked briskly against the wind that'd cut your face clean off. There was baking and knitting and drying our soaked clothes in front of the fire every day.


Watching the rain roll through.

Nathan’s Sunday morning baking.

Twinkling lights.


February was full of even more rain and howling gales. Our garden fence was ripped up and blown away like a toothpick in the hurricane force winds. The house creaked and groaned every single night as we tried to sleep but it soon became familiar and even comforting. We spent yet more together time inside, wandering out when it seemed to quieten. Winter was soggy.

Valentine’s Day walk in the storms.

Colour in a grey winter.

Tea in the morning.

Wild woodland piles.


March was busy and it felt like the hours in the day melted away all too quickly. We spent time preparing the garden for spring and welcoming any rays of sunshine. It was a month for little trips and dancing the evenings away in our slippers; it was a month for waking up after what felt like human-hibernation. The days became longer and colour started to return to nature.

Rainy afternoon cuddles.

The sea.

Porridge and tea breakfasts.


April started with warm sunshine that made spring feel official. We wore big grins and started more and more outside projects together. It felt like a heavy cloth had been lifted off life. There were blue skies and leaves appearing on all the trees which was enough to make us feel automatically happy. We played, ate lots of hummus this month and slept very soundly.

The first day of April.

We made a new friend, we called him Pippin.

Springtime in the city.

Our favourite florist.

Lakeside evenings.


May seemed to come and go within the blink of an eye. There were hot days followed by thunderstorms which created puddles that would swallow your ankles. The evening skies were light and the feeling of summer approaching was exciting. We craved escape and we desperately wanted to be disconnected from life so we started to adventure more and laugh more with it.

An afternoon in a little wooden row boat.

A sleepy Thursday morning.

A quiet weekend.

Celebrating our 7 year anniversary of "togetherness."


June is always a month of celebrations. There were short summer nights and bonfires, strawberry growing and grass between our toes. The garden was full of sounds of murmur from neighbours having meals outside and we spent as much spare time as possible out of London again. We even found an albino squirrel living in the park where we live. June was a good month.

Making our annual elderflower cordial.

Evening walks in the woods.

Neighbour's flowers.

Celebrating Nathan's birthday on the first official day of summer.


July started with showers which brought chilly mornings with low hanging mists. July felt muted, quieter than the previous 6 months of the year. We charged up our batteries and spent a lot of time with family.

Sunflower season.

The evening we spent with Libby.

Long summer evenings.

Potting our new Hampton Court Flower Show plants.

Goofing around whilst putting our recipe together.


August tumbled in and we were bemused by how quickly the year had gone already. The grasses were yellow and the sunsets lingered into the late summer air. The weeks seemed to blur into one and by mid-August the days suddenly turned bitterly cold and the leaves turned red a month too soon; so we got out the hot chocolates and welcomed autumn with open arms (and woolly jumpers).

Kitty's birthday roses.

Bright and airy mornings.

Heather time is always a good time.

Refreshing concoctions.

Grubby gardening.


September was fun. We woke up in the darkness of autumn mornings and walked home in the chilly darkness, a sign that winter days were creeping back in. A lot happened this month, it was busy but for all the right reasons. We harvested home-grown food galore, baked more food than we've ever done before, wore knitted socks and draped rugs around our shoulders like cloaks.

Greeting the sea.

Making tomato chutney from Kitty's Grandpa's crop.

The last of the ferns.

Sparklers on the beach.


October arrived in a storm and left in a heatwave that was hotter than summer itself. We spent weekends being quieter and catching up together with evenings in pyjamas in front of fires with hot chocolates. The days were scattered between hot and cold to and from work, it all felt terribly confusing and everyone muttered about "Global warming."

Fun in the leaves.

The day we got lost for 5 hours but all was made more fun by taking photos along the way.

Warming afternoon light filtering through.

Collecting pine.

Walks after the rain.

Early sunsets.


November was definitely the fastest month, it felt like it lasted a fortnight. Night frosts crept over our windows and morning mists blanketed us, winter was back and the balmy autumn was long forgotten. This was the happiest month of the year by far, a new chapter was started for us and the excitement for Christmas began to properly sink in.

The first day of November.

Photographing our own engagement shoot.

Florrie making sure the squirrel she'd just chased up couldn't come down.
(Can you spot it? It's clinging on in the part where the tree forks).

The morning we watched the sunrise from the roadside.
(Britain, we know we're biased but you are pretty bloody beautiful).


December was blisteringly cold. The lead up to Christmas was hard not to get lost in with the carol singers and people smiling as the year started to wind down. We threw ourselves into the festivities head first, scoffed down mince pies galore and danced to the Christmas songs. It was the best way to say goodbye to 2014 with wide, gummy smiles.


Enjoying the street decorations.

Boiled sweet time!



Present wrapping.

Post-Christmas walk.

Thank-you so much for joining us here this year, it means more than words can express.


  1. Your art has been captivating to me since your early days on DeviantArt. You encase the aura of every place you visit, every object you touch, as if with some kind of spell. When I view your art, it's as though I feel the breeze disorganizing my hair, see the copper light splashing against the waves as they shy away... Your art evokes earnest feelings, primitive and heartwarming feelings that make your viewers more aware of the beauty in things that are obscure to us in our busy, daily lives. Thank you for sharing your art and your thoughts with the world. I hope you continue to for many years to come.

    K. on the

    1. Man I need to get out and take pictures more! So inspiring.

      Lindsey on the

      1. Wow just found your blog/insta! Amazing photography! Amazing story telling! Amazing knitwear! Amazing Florrie! What a treat! Look forward to following along in 2015! (!!!)
        1. What a year! This makes me beyond jealous. I need to steal your lives. x
          1. Wow this is a wonderful set of photos. Pippin looks gorgeous! Great text as well as the images.
            1. Ahh! I love the pictures! What kind of gear do you use? You might like this
              1. PERFECT as always :))))))) so want to wander everywhere with you guys and discovering those gorgeous places xxx

                Emilie Van Camp on the

                1. How lovely is your blog, and your photos too, just stunning! I'm so glad you stopped by mine so as I have now found yours too X
                  1. Your photos are always so incredibly beautiful! Can I ask a huge favour of you, could you possibly tell me (via twitter if it's not too much trouble @XKatieMatthewsX - I'm not actually sure you have twitter, but an email or anything will do - I just don't want to miss it if you reply here!) where you were when you were in that beautiful rowing boat with the grassy hills beyond? It all looks frightfully romantic! Katie <3
                    1. Just wondering what kind of camera you use to take the photos, the colours come out beautifully.

                      Tamsin on the

                      1. Would love to see more of your engagement photos. The one you show looks amazing pretty.
                        1. My god do you know how to take photos and edit them properly. Ils sont magnifiques!! J'adore! xxx
                          1. Thank you for this wonderful post, your words and pictures! I enjoyed every bit of it! I wish you a very happy, healthy and wonderful 2015! Cheers to 2014 achievements! <3
                            1. This is so awesome and Happy New Year. Hope in the new year 2015, my life will be as amazing as yours and btw stay sweet you two Nathan & Kitty :)

                              Shiyea on the

                              1. This is such an amazing post! The text is written beautifully and the pictures are stunning :) And I love that you mention the importance of celebrating the past year(s). That's why there's only one new year's quote I like (so far): "There's no such thing as too much sparkle on new year's eve." It's so positive while all the others I know try to motivate you to "finally" do something in the next year which implies that the past year(s) were bad. But to me you celebrate two things on new year's eve: The past year and the new one. So obivously you need a lot of sparkle ;) Have a wonderful 2015 :)
                                1. Your photos are seriously so amazing. happy new year!
                                  1. Thanks for sharing - the world often seems so fast and busy * It is nice to slow down and take note of the feelings and the reality of a soft, quiet moment. It makes one remember that love can endure and dwell in the most common whisp of breath throughout all of the changing seasons. * B.V.
                                    1. Thank you so much for sharing your joy and live with us. Beautiful dreamy pictures.
                                      1. Thank you so much for sharing your life and your photos. Blessings to you in the new year!
                                        1. These pictures are absolutely stunning! I think this is probably the best post I've seen all year :p
                                          1. This is a completely and utterly beautiful post! x The photographs of all the small, yet meaningful, moments are certainly something you will be able to look back on when you are older and smile at. Plus, they are stunning. You are a photography goddess, and I praise you for it! x Hope you two have a wonderful 2015 xx Emily |

                                            Emily on the

                                            1. this is amazing, so much beauty, thanks for shearing

                                              Ana on the

                                              1. Wauw, wonderful pictures!

                                                Senna on the

                                                1. Beautiful photos, love the light you capture. :-)
                                                  1. Kitty these are breathtaking! You completely inspire me to become a better photographer with each photo of yours I see. Thank you for sharing your year with us and I hope many more to come x

                                                    Grace H on the

                                                    1. These are beyond beautiful!! I might've been muttering 'beautiful' for each new photo I scrolled down to as my breaths were taken away again and again. ^_^ Happy New Year, Kitty and Nathan! May 2015 bring even more goodness <3
                                                        1. The most beautiful and dreamiest post I have ever come across!
                                                          1. This post just sums up the importance of photography for me. Look at all the miraculously small and wonderful moments that it allows us to keep. Loved loved loved this.
                                                            1. Your photos are magical, Kitty and Nathan!! It is so good that I can feel the moment through these images and can't wait to see more of your photos next year!! Hope you two (and Florrie, of course) have a wonderful 2015!! ;)
                                                              1. This is beautiful!

                                                                Molly on the

                                                                1. This is a truly gorgeous post! Congratulations and have a happy new 2015.
                                                                  1. Reading this post and looking at all the gorgeous photos has rendered me a bit speechless. I think these kind of posts may just be my favorites, they just feel so honest and real. I hope 2015 will be another beautiful year for all of you :)

                                                                    Sarah on the

                                                                    1. You are the most delightful people... Thank you for sharing!

                                                                      Grace on the

                                                                      1. Such a beautiful capture of what appears to be a most wonderful year!~

                                                                        Kitsora on the

                                                                          1. You know how much I love your photos but I'll always keep saying it! Beautiful! Always inspire me to keep my camera a little closer

                                                                            Lizzie on the

                                                                            1. Wow.. beautiful pictures!
                                                                              1. Your photos are beautiful! What lens do you use? I love the quality of the focus.

                                                                                Becky on the

                                                                                1. Just beautiful as ever...absolutely adore your photography. Xx

                                                                                  Sarah on the

                                                                                  1. I haven´t seen such beautiful photos in a looong time. Thank you for sharing them.
                                                                                    1. You two captured your year 2014 wonderfully. Your pictures are beautiful and I feel very grateful that you shared your images with this beautiful post! I wish you all the best for the new year 2015!!
                                                                                      1. Amazing! Love your eye for detail, and every month's mood is captured so well. Love how you used colors to achieve that too. Very inspiring. Are these shot on film or just processed digitally? Best for the next year, will check your 'end of the year' blog again ;) Martijn
                                                                                        1. Oh my goodness, all of these photos have left me speechless. Your blog is my favourite blog of all time, I'm about to show my Mum all of these photos. I hope you have a wonderful start to 2015. xxxx
                                                                                          1. I don't know why Kitty has only come up with one 't' xx

                                                                                            Rebecca Tan on the

                                                                                            1. Oh just reading these has filled me with smiles, butterflies, ah's and ohhh 'how lovely's' I have adored this year and seeing yours has made me well up....especially your november photos. Some really magical moments you have shared with us. Happy new year darling kity xxxx
                                                                                              1. all the pictures are beautiful! girl, you are so talented!

                                                                                                Stanka on the

                                                                                                1. Beautiful. Love it! Your life seems kinda idilic :)