Down past the cottage and over the creek, through the meadow with fast-trotting feet.

The air is thin and the World looks silver, puffing out clouds as the plants wilt and shiver.

Midwinter grasps tightly and bites at your nose, wandering the path wherever it goes.

Following the fence back up to home, putting on the kettle to warm up your bones.

Time for a cuppa with socks on your toes, snuggling down in a thick-knitted throw.


  1. This is stunning, stumble upon at this blog and grateful to find you. love!
    1. THESE ARE AWESOME!! Made me want to skip fall and go right into Winter. ♥
      1. Your photographs are like walking into a living poem. Every snap has a thousand words to it that make me feel every emotion underneath the sun! I particularly love how you captured the essence of winter - a time I struggle with often because I'm always longing for warm spring days where I can garden, but you've managed to remind me of the magic that exists during this time. Thank you!
        1. Beautiful pictures of winter. Makes me cold even being at the equator.
            1. Wow... Simply beautiful...

              Mari from Japan on the

              1. It is a pleasure reading your words. Beautiful. A french girl in Croatia.
                1. I love the one with the white jacket!<3 Just wow overall.

                  Lindsey on the

                  1. The water looks like milk! Magical! :)
                    1. Beautiful! I love this time of year for the frosty weather and bracing walks. <3

                      Emily on the

                      1. Beautiful, I love frosty mornings.
                        1. What a lovely, frosty experience! Looks like something out of a Fairy Tale :-) Hope your Winter is shaping up beautifully!
                          1. Truly a winter wonderland :) Such beautiful photos!!
                            1. It looks like you're having a beautiful winter, and these photographs are just wonderful!
                              1. Absolutely Beautiful.
                                1. Beautiful photos. I am still waiting on a good snowfall here to take photos. :)
                                  1. This is wonderful! What a gorgeous, poetic post! Happy Winter!
                                      1. Such beautiful words and gorgeous images. Lovely post!