Lost Girl Fever

Playing in the park yesterday afternoon with crop tops, roller skates and laughs.

Model is Eisha.


  1. wonderful work.. truly inspring..!!!

    jayaraman pillai on the

    1. I have only today discovered your work and it is truly inspiring. I am in the midst of finding my way back again after a difficult couple years. The stunning simplicity in your images are a kind of beautiful therapy for me. Thank you.
      1. Wow. She is a beautiful woman. These are stunning photographs. Incredible work.
        1. Remarkable tones, and what a unique face she has!
          1. Love this! Great job!

            Megan M. on the

            1. Adore her freckles so so much!!
              1. i really love this post. her hair is so beautiful and i love her freckles also! très, très jolie. ❤❤❤

                sandrine on the

                1. Such a beautiful model in such beautiful photos.
                  1. I really adore these photos, Kitty. They let off such a summer vibe full of playfulness and your twist on whimsy-candid fashion shots. They're all super brilliant but my absolute favourite is the 4th photo, maybe I'll have to print it off! :) x

                    Marina Masuma on the

                    1. Very beautiful!

                      Johanna on the

                      1. These are absolutely beautiful!

                        Sandra Hammond on the

                        1. You have done beautiful work once again! Your portraits are delightful and you are so talented.
                          1. This really hit an important note with me... You see I'm a mixed race girl with very similar hair and heaps of freckles. At school kids used to call me horrible names that I won't ever repeat. They made me feel ugly and hated by society just for my looks. It's so nice to see someone who looks like me...only prettier... be a model and fill me with confidence I feel I was robbed of. This is such a young and carefree series that makes me feel happy to look at, it feels like I'm almost there with you guys! Sorry for rambling on with such a loooong comment but I hope it kinda made sense?! Thank you for making my week. xxxxxxx

                            My nickname is Presh! on the

                            1. The light, the colours, everything is just so pretty and perfect :) You are indeed very very talented ^_^ Be proud! :D xo
                              1. It is good that you do not use a lot of photoshop Kitty ,so your pictures are so natural and pretty <3

                                Aleksandra on the

                                1. I might be addicted to this post! How did you get those rich colors? Everytime I try and shoot someone with freckles they never show in the photos.. Eisha is so gorgeous and I'd love to shoot her one day if I ever make it across the world. I love looking at your blog for inspiration. :] x

                                  Lea Burke on the

                                  1. Be-you-ti-full! What a stunning girl in stunning light! Seriously my fave series to date from you. xxxx

                                    Courtney on the

                                    1. Her freckles you make the image! It's fun, youthful and simply adorable! I love it! xx
                                      1. Her freckles just make the image! It's fun, youthful and simple adorable! I love it x
                                        1. Picture no.5 - the shadow of her hair on her knee did it for me! Adorable!

                                          Anna on the

                                          1. These are so insanely beautiful!
                                            1. What beautiful pictures! I really love what you have done this time! The model has some amazing freckles. I think that the last two pictures are the best! Great colours!

                                              Simona on the

                                              1. Eisha is so pretty, I wish my freckles looked as pretty! I love how this post looks like two friends just hanging out taking photos but more professional, if that makes sense! :)

                                                Ronah on the

                                                1. you look amazing

                                                  bajron on the

                                                  1. Wow, the one when she'is lying upside down on the slide is the best one you've ever taken I love it !!
                                                    1. oh i love these photos! especially the colors!
                                                      1. LOVE her freckles!

                                                        Kayleigh on the