Little Rosebuds

Wandering the gardens with Katie & Lucy Pitman, two sisters with kindest hearts and beautiful smiles.


  1. i have no words, ur work is beyond perfection what an excellent combination of natural light with perfect timing.

    Charine on the

    1. adorable ! especially the fifth :)
      1. It reminds me goddesses from Greek mythology :) Beautiful models, dresses, hairstyles, the light and background! Nice job!

        Emma on the

        1. Everything on these photos is beautiful - girls, light, colors, place.. Amazing!
          1. Oh my goodness.... these are some of the most GORGEOUS, and incredible photographs I have ever seen! The lighting, the models, the location, the editing- I could just go on! Amazing work! Alex
            1. So beautiful and ethereal! I love this collection :)

              Cora on the

              1. these are so so so beautiful, really stunning shots. <a
                1. This is an amazing collection of images! Wow, you really captured their young and beautiful innocence!
                  1. Anikha was right in her comment below! Please stop making us search for words that don't exist! "Searching For Tomorrow" should be renamed "Searching For Adjectives" if you're not careful! ;P I love this series so much, you always leave me speechless with your work. <3

                    Caitlin on the

                    1. These are amazing. Why are they not on billboards? Your photography is so pretty, it inspires me to capture beauty in this World. Please never stop. x

                      Sara S. on the

                      1. Oh wow! These pictures are so amazing! The light is perfect and the two girls are so cute :) I'm in love with your photos! xo
                        1. Sigh! Please stop making us hunt for adjectives to describe your stunning work! These are some of your loveliest pictures by far. special shout out for the beautiful dresses the girls are wearing! Love seeing your work grow through your wonderful posts. Keep creating magic like always so that we can feast our eyes too. :)

                          Anikha on the

                          1. Beautiful pictures! I love the colours and the sun :) Anna-Lena, <a href=" of Soul</a>
                            1. Dear Kitty, these photos are one again very beautiful! The girls look really happy and comfortable :)
                              1. There are some really beautiful photos in this series :D Love it
                                  1. i was waiting for spring to come so you can take us to wonderland. this is not enough btw, waiting for more. ;)
                                    1. Wow, this is incredible beautiful!

                                      larissa on the

                                      1. Wow these images are beautiful!
                                        1. Amazing work, you are really talented <3

                                          Hanin on the

                                          1. J'aime beaucoup cette série, surtout la 4eme et la 6eme photo en partant du haut. Les models posent super bien, on ressent bien le lien fusionnel qui les uni. Bonne continuation!