Little Lighthouse

Today we answered the call of the sea. The waves were crashing, the wind roaring, seagulls soaring. The sun glared down upon us as we meandered along the clifftop. A beacon of hope to those that play their lives upon the sea greeted us in all its glory: a lighthouse, little but mighty it stood unfazed but the thunderous crashes of the foamy wash against it's walls. When our star sets and the darkness sets in, it will set ablaze the night with a purposeful beam.


  1. This looks gorgeous...:) Your blog always inspires me..
    1. This is honestly breathtakingly beautiful. ♡

      Ida on the

      1. Lovely! Thank you for sharing the adventure!
        1. Beauty Head - a very nice place
          1. Your photos make me want to move to England!

            Stacey on the

            1. I'd love to be there right now <3
                1. Really gorgeous pictures. I love them all. Wonderful captured, great light! Greetings from the Netherlands, Joke
                  1. Hello! Because I love your photo's I have shared your blog in an inspirationartikle on my blog. ( I hope you like it Senna

                    Senna on the

                    1. Very beautiful landscape. great pictures

                      Luis Verenzuela on the

                      1. I am new to this whole blogging thing and I am basing my blog on photography and other thing I like and I looked at your blog and it is such an inspiration to me!!! Your photos are incredible!! What camera do you use?

                        Anonymous Girl on the

                          1. So good! Especially the first picture...
                            1. I just recently figured out, that you also have a blog - what a pleasant surprise.! Your photos are breathtaking and out-of-this-world inspiring. I am such a dreamer, whenever my eyes catches your shots <3
                              1. Beautiful! :))
                                1. I love love LOVE your blog!! It's my favourite site to come and get inspiration from. I really like Nathan's cream jumper in this post too (lol random to say!!) 😄

                                  Fiona on the

                                  1. Amazing photos!
                                    1. your pictures are awesome, no a lot better than awesome. keep going guys :) <3 huge fan from India

                                      sarangi but i prefer sara on the

                                      1. What a beautiful series of photographs this is!
                                          1. look's a little bit like Piero guccione's paintings! lovely!

                                            Céline on the

                                            1. That's such an amazing place to be! I love it! - Beautiful pictures! Jade x
                                                1. This is delightful - you make the UK look stunning
                                                  1. Beautiful photography as always. This is somewhere I really want to go when I get to the UK.
                                                    1. I adore these photos and the beautiful baby blue & pink hues. I just want to go back to California where I can see views like these!
                                                      1. Absolutely beautiful!! x
                                                        1. I'm not really one to frequently comment on blogs but whenever one of your posts goes up, I feel the need to. I can't really explain it. It's just, every time I look at your photos, I hold my breath, absorb the crisp beauty of your shots. Just how do you find those perfect moments that blinks can miss!? I will forever be wonderstruck by your blog.
                                                          1. Simply stunning! I Always love posts on your blog! All these photos look great, and I love the overall feeling of these pics :) x
                                                            1. Truly magical!
                                                              1. What a beautiful place! Fantastic pictures!
                                                                1. these pictures are breathetaking!!! love this post so much <3
                                                                  1. These are some pretty fantastic photos! I felt like I was back home in the East :) C | atlantic-c.blogspot.ca/
                                                                    1. these photos are stunning! it looks so peaceful up there on the cliffside looking down at that sweet light house :)
                                                                      1. Such beautiful colour palettes in your photographs! :) Was the photo of the two of you taken on timer? Alice xx
                                                                        1. Ah wow, these pictures are so super beautiful! I háve to pin them ;). xoxo
                                                                          1. stunning pictures! x
                                                                            1. These are gorgeous!!
                                                                                  1. Beautiful, so peaceful! Now I want to go to the sea
                                                                                    1. These are absolutely stunning, you guys! So peaceful and so so beautiful. Laura
                                                                                      1. This is so beautifully written, and the photographs are spectacular. My morning is feeling more peaceful already !
                                                                                        1. This looks so lovely and peaceful!
                                                                                          1. Oh my God, the last picture is SOOO PERFECT!!

                                                                                            daria on the