It felt like I had known Maiken a lifetime. I suppose in a funny way I kind of had, having admired her photography for over 2 years from across the chilly sea between us. It's so refreshing being able to meet other people in the industry and be able to share advice and our stories together. We walked and talked the afternoon away, she taught me words like "høst" as I led us around in a very lost circle; but I was having so much fun that I didn't really mind anyway. I wish time had gone a bit slower that day. Along the way I took a couple of photographs of her and came away feeling like there was sunshine bursting out of every pore of me. Maiken is honestly magical and I am over the Moon to have finally met her.


  1. Lovely pictures of a lovely girl!
    1. I totally loveeeeeeee this pictures! I hope one day I can meet you too, it would be awesone :3

      Virginia on the

        1. Incredible!

          Amy Leigh on the

          1. Maiken is so beautiful, and these pictures are amazing!
            1. Just so beautiful - colours are amazing here Kitty!
              1. Ohh my gosh!! These are super pretty! Thanks for sharing - off to look at Maiken's blog and will undoubtedly be back to stare at these some more too!! xxxx

                Bethany-Anne Holme on the

                1. Woow! Just found your blog, and your pictures are amazing! Seriously, I love them! And Maiken's work to! She makes me proud of beeing a norwegian :)
                  1. You're photos are gorgeous! I just found your site on bloglovin!
                    1. Sehr schön. :-)

                      Petra H. on the

                      1. I always love seeing your new posts come up on my screen - your blog is so full of beautiful energy and stories. I absolutely adore these photographs of Maiken, she has a stunning face and amazing hair too! Thank you for sharing another series. Love, Jackie xxx

                        Jackie on the

                        1. lovely pictures! i love the last one, it has such an amazing atmosphere!
                          1. Ow I have known Maiken's work for a long time too - everything she does is soooo good! It is so cool you got to meet eachother, it looks like you had a really great time and took some ace photos! :D

                            Chloe Jones on the

                            1. Oh wow, these are just stunning.
                              1. You're definitely one of the brightest and nicest souls on earth. All your beauty comes through the gorgeous pictures you take and I really love this series (mostly the first and last photo).
                                1. These pictures are so pretty, Kitty, I really love the way you're taking portrait pictures of people, you're gifted :3
                                  1. good job, i like these alot. xx

                                    marina on the

                                    1. You never EVER fail to bring light and life to your photography. These images are beautiful, Kitty, they exude warmth and charm and make me very much wish I had been there to witness the day (although I do feel like I've been given the chance to, thanks to you inviting us along today). Oh, and the shot with the leaves? *swoon*

                                      Tori on the

                                      1. These are so pretty! I love how you called it "imagine" and her blog is called "imagine" too. :) Love from Sydney, Australia x

                                        Abigail Becher on the