Home to the Water

Every evening she would comb her hair in the bedroom she grew up in. She'd later tred out onto the dirt path with her bare feet, her eyes would stare beyond the horizon as her body carried her in the dusk. The shells she'd collected along the bank, she told herself were the gifts from her home, calling her back. Her best friend was the water, where she was at one. No one had hugged her like the waves did. I had never seen someone caress the water such as she. It gave me goosebumps as her body swayed, I don't think I ever saw her blink. She would hum and sometimes sing a silvery tune.

The water had given her a sea cloak that she wore around her waist. Her days were spent yearning for the waves to finally collect her and take her home. All she wanted was to go home.

Tonight she walked into the lake at low-sun and that was the last I saw of her. Her hair turned watery as she lay to embrace the water, and then she blinked and vanished. I waited beneath the stars next to the tuft of grass which had become my throne moulded to my body over time. The air licked at my lungs, it was sharp and shivers rolled over my ribs like a xylophone. I pretended the Moon was warm, letting my blood boil beneath it. The girl, whether she was real or just a figment of my imagination had melted away, and the water was always that little bit fuller, sparklier, kinder.

Model is the truly special Frankie Enticknap.


  1. wow its beautiful!! good work, i love it.

    Jul on the

    1. Some of your photos have incredible colors and lots of feelings in them... nice work.
      1. Simply gorgeous!

        Mad Eye Moody on the

        1. These are actualy gorgeous , honest you look gawjuss, it shows you have out effort and time into these, reminded me of the secret garden is just lovely!!<3 <3 <3

          Jess!x on the

          1. Perfect shoot! Check my work out also?

            Summer Skies Photoworks on the

            1. I'm not sure what I like better, if the words or the pictures! It is all so beautiful! thank you!!

              Stefi on the

              1. Oh Kitty, I can hardly explain how happy I was when I read your comment on my blog today. I was just over the moon! I never knew that you were following me in any way and realising that you are and that you actually like what I do and have such incredibly nice words for me and my photos, that filled my heart with happiness and it means a lot to me! So thank you a hundred times, you made this girl smile all day :) As for your photos, I LOVE the colours and the atmosphere in this. I mean it's so beautiful and peaceful but also tragic and dark in a way. I love how you created a whole story through these photos. Your art is always magical ♥
                1. Thanks for brightening my awful morning. Sitting down with my cup of herbal tea and clicking your blog was the best thing I've done. Love this peaceful post!

                  Cindy on the

                  1. oh i adore frankie's freckles and big blue eyes, she's stunning! beautiful work. <3

                    beth89 on the

                    1. This is absolutely wonderful. Words can't explain how amazing this is, Kitty. I LOVE IT
                      1. This girl is literally the prettiest girl I've ever seen! [:

                        Bea on the

                        1. Magic! *_* <3

                          Rose-May Hammond on the

                          1. i love the stillness to this post and how its so quiet and relaxed. in a way it makes me feel like i'm the narrator sharing the opening story! lovely work. :-)

                            nina on the

                              1. I always loved mermaids and your take on them is nothing short of gorgeoud!

                                Elle on the

                                1. these are very pretty photographs. ps. awesome name the model has! ;D

                                  frankie on the

                                  1. I love how every corner of the internet you touch turns into a hub of beautiful and inspiring activity; plus the people you attract are always so kind-spirited. This post has been no exception to your talents, you leave me with an open jaw and fixed eyes! :-)

                                    Brian B on the

                                    1. I think your hard efforts have shone right through and served you more than well on this occasion. Seeing that photography isn't just about pointing a camera at a pretty model but rather about creating a whole story with your fingertips and imagination is really admirable. These should grace the covers of dairytale stories to far off lands.

                                      L on the

                                      1. I've gotta love everything; I love England, and those gardens take me to my childhood and my secret garden fantasies; Loved the pictures ♥♥♥
                                        1. Nice one! You guys created such a beautiful shoot together! :D

                                          Siobhan on the

                                          1. Beautiful and inspiring, thank you Kitty <3

                                            Loli on the

                                            1. Seriously can't get over how gorgeous this is...Perfect girl, perfect location, perfect story, perfect shoot, I just can't explain how everything fits together so harmoniously!! Great work Kitty, forever a dreamer. xxx

                                              Laura on the

                                              1. Can I be her? She's so beautiful! Love the mermaid theme too. xoxo

                                                Charley on the

                                                1. The story alone was brilliant and I nearly screamed from excitement to see pictures with it too! I feel so inspired that I can't stop going back to look at them! x

                                                  Andrea Pilou fantastic on the

                                                  1. OMG kitty these are really really beautiful, the ones with the stars are breathtaking <3
                                                    1. Fabulous, as always!

                                                      Tim P on the

                                                      1. BANG!! Kitty is bouncing back with her creativity and magic ! These photos are like some sort of dreamland , well done! xx

                                                        Gabriel on the

                                                        1. Those eyes she has! I feel transfixed! Brilliant job Kitty, you should be so proud. :)

                                                          maddie on the

                                                          1. wow, these are so beautiful! love the ones with the starfish.
                                                            1. Oh...wow. I'm speechless. I love the pictures and the story behind them. Such a beautiful model, location, outfits, everything. It looks like a fairytale, just like all of your blog entries. <3
                                                              1. Woa kitty the picture with the sea-stars is so so stunning! You really have a wonderfull gift! thank you so much for your art <3

                                                                coralie on the

                                                                1. this is just perfect !

                                                                  Monique on the