Her Pastel Balloon

And in the sunlit eve, she and her balloon drifted woodland bound. She liked to sit here and fall asleep to the sound of the cuckoos.

With the most heartfelt thank-you to Freya who modelled, brought so much joy to the shoot and was just an honour to work with. Dress from Dahlia.


  1. hi. i would. like to see if i can use some of the pictures as models for some of my art work. you can see my work here.
    1. Gorgeous lights, love yours pics!!!
      1. I want to have such pretty photos too :)

        Aleksandra on the

        1. ..oh my God..the whole set are so amazing and so dreamy..you got a lovely model as well.
          1. Your photos are beautiful! What camera and lens do you use? :)
            1. your photography is absolutely beautiful, literally going through every one of your posts right now =) thanks for sharing your work x <a
              1. Where you process photos taken on the camera?

                Nady on the

                1. Those are wonderful pictures, Kitty! They feel like listening to the silence and falling asleep on a hot summer afternoon, the same sweet feeling.
                  1. What BEAUTIFUL photographs!
                    1. Stunning! I specially love the 10th one, it's so serene.

                      Anne-Marie on the

                      1. Such a beautiful series. My favourite from you by far. :)

                        Lilly Tong on the

                        1. i think freya is honestly the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life! i adore this series, it makes me think of my childhood storybooks. x

                          kerri on the

                          1. Gosh, these are stunning. I love the soft light.
                            1. Oh wow she is so lovely. That hot air balloon is fantastic!
                              1. These are incredibly magnificent. What a marvelous concept Kitty! Freya is absolutely beautiful, and you have really captured that perfectly. Thank you for being such an inspiration, never stop creating.
                                1. Dearest Kitty, this series is stunning so magical and that PASTEL balloon! wow! what a lovely idea really really wonderful shots. I can't decide really what my favourite shot is. love love love xxx

                                  Rebecca Tan on the

                                  1. Freya is unbelievably pretty!! Please shoot her again I adore this series! Xx

                                    Tine on the

                                    1. Oh my gosh, this is absolutely stunning!

                                      Larissa Steinkusz on the

                                      1. Very sweet and beautiful. x
                                        1. I have such a weak spot for Dahlia clothes! The dress is super cute here and Freya models it so well. I love the golden light and how relaxed the shoot feels. Great shoot, Kitty! xo

                                          Claire Watts on the

                                          1. Very Alice In Wonderland!! I love it!! xx
                                            1. Cute cute cute ! But my favorite is the 8th, it's so vibrant... ♥
                                              1. I'll forever love Searching for Tomorrow for your shoots like this! Your work is so inspiring and always pushes me to be better and find beauty in everything. Freya is beautiful and everything just fits together perfectly. Congrats! x

                                                Jade Madigan on the

                                                1. Oh wow!!! Such an amazing shoot and the model is sooooo pretty! Awesome work! xxxx

                                                  Hayley on the

                                                  1. Kitty! These photos have such an effortless and angelic quality <3 Much love!

                                                    Katja on the

                                                    1. Your photos are always so natural and filled with beauty of all kinds. Love the editing, the light, the girl and the photographer. Very well done, Kitty. (And this girl is extreeemely gorgeous!)
                                                      1. LOVE IT! absolutely stunning pictures! :) nice work and beautiful model, too