Her deer heart

A wonderful new friend who wore her heart on her sleeve, Trudi.


  1. How do you plan shootings like this ??

    Susanne on the

    1. These are all so beautiful! How did you make the twig-antlers? Or did you just edit them in?

      Katie on the

      1. These pictures are so dreamy. She looks like a fairy, so fragile and delicate :)
        1. Can't stop looking at these beautiful pictures!
          1. What a unique idea!!! Beautiful photographs, and your friend is super pretty! :)
            1. I really like the earth tones in these pictures <3 ! When i opened this post I was listening to "Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars - Safe & Sound" and I think that it really suits your post ~~ so peaceful. I like the idea with the two branches in her hair. She looks like an innocent little doe.
              1. the first photograph is just captivating! you've captured her eyes well! :)

                gillian on the

                1. These are so peaceful! Beautiful job. x

                  Georgia on the

                  1. Lovely!
                    1. I have watched your work for 2-3 years now. Watching you grow in style and creativity is so inspiring adn makes me realise I can do things I put my mind into aswell. Your my favourite blog (which is my homepage by the way) and I wish more people saw it and would fall in love too, you deserve it! xxx

                      Susie-May on the

                      1. What a way to end my evening: blanket draped over my bed eating honey biscuits gazing into your dreamlike fantastical photographs. I feel so light and refreshed to see these, thank you for sharing. Tess xo

                        Tessa on the

                        1. She is so beautiful. I especially love her pixie eyes which look so deep and make you wonder what she's thinking of. Great series! x

                          Simon Feltfield on the

                          1. Wow these are all so beautiful! Especially love the first black and white one! But the tones in the colour images are just stunning as well
                            1. I like all those dresses, where did you discovered them?
                              1. So SO SOOOOOO glorious, oh my god, the black and white one in the field is just... AHHHH. the way that you captured the frailty of a deer with the very thin antlers and lacy dress, yet made it strong because of the very defined hand and the jawline set against the softness of the field with the horses... a marvelous antithesis! Kitty, I have loved your work for such a long time and you are very much the person who has inspired me to aspire to photography. Thank you for sharing your art with the world!

                                Grae on the

                                1. She is so beautiful, she looks like an earth spirit tiptoeing around the deer. Nice idea, especially with the antlers! :D

                                  Klaudia on the

                                  1. these are very pretty pictures! looks like perfume campaign! <3

                                    lydia on the

                                    1. This set is absolutely beautiful. I adore you work. The model also is so unique looking, stunning. I cannot wait for more. x
                                      1. beautiful!I really like the soft colours! I love your work!!! lovely greetings ♥
                                        1. This is definitely one of your best Kitty, I am amazed!
                                          1. I love this very much! its like positive energy coming out of this photos. thank you! you made my day ♥ I adore your work Kitty :)

                                            Saška on the