Heather Bed

She sang in wild hair and bruised shins, they called her things but she was the happy one. The forest was locked within her eyes, its roots grew deep within the space of her mind. The heather was waking from its winter slumber with their tiny buds stretching skywards as she coaxed them. There is such an air about her, this beautiful aura about her being that you can't touch. Sometimes people's qualities are inexplicable, but it's okay because you don't ever need to explain them, you just enjoy them for everything they are.

Model is Libby.


  1. Your pictures are gorgeous !! I love them ! How do you do that ?? Ö_Ö

    Susanne on the

    1. Wow, gorgeous photography and model. They're quite surreal.
      1. wow. These are all so gorgeous <3
        1. the shots are beautiful and what a lovely model! Sher
          1. Unreal photos!

            Sarah Draper on the

              1. Wow, wow, wow!!! These are so stunning and emotive- perfection! If you're ever out in California and want to shoot a stylized session, drop me a line! Alex

                Alexandra Marie on the

                1. I am kind of prejudiced, but when you two collaborate you create a magic that only sisters can conjure up together. Beautiful work Kitty and wonderful poses Libby.

                  Ma! on the

                  1. love it!

                    stefanie on the

                    1. The first and second - the best, beautiful colours ;)
                      1. so so lovely...and should you ever tire of photography (which I doubt), please write books!

                        lulu frances on the

                        1. Jesus! This is so good for my eyes. I loved the tone in your photos. They are so alive. Such an amazing inspiration. Keep doing the great job. This is awesome. :)
                            1. I always like the colors of your photos. they are so real. a little dark background and bright face - this is the thing I love about them!
                                1. P.S. Libby is a little bit similar to me :)

                                  Aleksandra on the

                                  1. love your photos, they are so magical... :)

                                    emma on the

                                    1. Beautiful photos as always Kitty :)

                                      Aleksandra on the

                                      1. It reminds me fairytale :)

                                        Aleksandra on the

                                    2. Gorgeous work as always, I adore the tones, Libby is so beautiful! I love the portraits but the 2nd photo is so magical to me, well done Kitty! xx
                                      1. The first one is my favorite. At the first sight I thought his was her hair, not flowers. ;) Great work.
                                        1. Your shots are so gorgeous :)
                                          1. At first glance I thought that her little "aura" was made out of pine cones. Really beautiful series! I think that I have spotted some rain drops in the background. [:
                                            1. Love. That second image of the hair reaching out...beautiful!
                                                1. That's so kind, thank-you greatly. [:

                                                  Kitty on the

                                                1. That means a lot, thank-you so, so much! [: