Behind the orchard and down the track,
Between the oak tree and fallen down shack,

There is a quiet place where you will find me,
Where the wind blows the echoes of the sea.

I dive in amongst the new budding flowers,
So come with me, these waves shall be ours.

My beautiful sister, Libby.


  1. Your posts are always plants me into a fairytale, nice writing (:
    1. I love it! The writing was magical! :)

      Melissa Carter on the

      1. That first photo is without a doubt so mysteriously majestic and wonderful. These are incredible pictures. Thank you for sharing your gifting with the world Kitty. X

        Sir Peter on the

          1. There's always something so special about two sisters creating together, and you and Libby prove it time and time again with your shoots. I just want to jump right into these, especially the one where she is lying in the tree. Beautiful!
            1. Honey for the eyes ♥

              Aleksandra on the

              1. This is absolutely stunning Kits. I love you. <3 x
                1. She is like a woodland spirit of flowers and natural beauty. Your blog is such a huge source of inspiration to me, I adore seeing your new work and this set is more amazing than ever before! x

                  Daphne on the

                  1. Amazing!!! She is so very beautiful and your photography is incredible!!

                    She'll on the

                    1. Such stunning images. I love the story they tell!
                      1. Aww, this is the kind of photos I fell in love with when I first found you on Facebook. Every single photo is simply perfect. I love the soft tones and you can feel the connection between you and your sister and the way she trusts you when she's in front of the camera. I could look at these photos forever because it makes me dream about good days... I'm hoping to see more of this magical work by you soon :)
                        1. very beautiful works Kitty.... its very YOU!
                          1. Very inspirational post, the poem is amazing to accompany it. I love your blog so much! x

                            Hayley on the

                            1. This made my day, Kitty! Truly beautiful, i love the colors and your sister is more than pretty. Best wishes!

                              Larissa on the

                              1. So stunning Kitty! <3
                                1. These photos are speechless! Love them!
                                  1. libby is one of a kind.

                                    stephanie on the

                                    1. very beautiful series, it makes me think of fairytales i read when i was a child. spring looks beautiful in england, send some over the sea to us! :)

                                      aavet on the

                                      1. These are so wonderfully pretty, Kitty!! I love the one where she's lying on the tree trunk (her expression!) and the flowers crown the shot! And all in this set, really. Libby's looks absolutely lovely!
                                        1. Libby is so pretty. <3

                                          Kath-Rose on the

                                          1. Oh my goodness. This is just breathtakingly magical.

                                            JW on the

                                            1. These are wonderful! I especially love the 4th photo. Bravo! x

                                              Tine on the

                                              1. Wow. These look so magical!
                                                1. these are such lovely pictures. they are magical!

                                                  Gabriela on the