Farewell 2015

It's that time of year where the dwindling days seem to merge into one that melt away too quickly. We went on one final little venture to the coast but realised we hardly took many photos, so this post is short and sweet. But it's important because there is something we really need to say to you.

Thank-you for everything you have done for us this year. Having you join us on our little journeys and brightening our day with your words and sharing your adventures with us too means the World. We share because of you and we are truly grateful for every bit of your time that you spend this way. Thank-you for coming along too.

We wish you a wonderful end to 2015 and hope that 2016 starts with all things brilliant for you.


  1. Hi, my names Liv. And I'm a photography student from Bournemouth. We were asked to choose and assignment from a listing of different categories - I chose diary 'a time to be remembered'. and while I was looking for artists, I stumbled across your beautiful blog. I chose you as one of my artists to research and was wondering if you could maybe give me someone advice on why you started your blog and how you take your images.

    Liv on the

    1. Happy New Year !! In love with your photo's!! JaseyJade x
      1. Absolutely love the video Kitty!
          1. I've been following you for years and years... Always such a pleasure to discover your photos and your universe! AMAZING video. I'm glad for you about the coming wedding and all the great things, may 2016 be full of little and big joys :)

            Léa on the

            1. What a sweet little video!

              Jess on the

              1. Only found you yesterday. But I'm already in love. ♥
                1. So beautiful. .. thank you for such a lovely message and the amazing photos! All the best to you and yours in 2016!

                  Graciela Smyth on the

                  1. absolutely lovely photos! can't wait for 2016 :)
                    1. beautiful places in the video! happy new year! many new photo-adventures;)
                        1. Aww your Dog ist so cute! Beautiful Pictures :)
                          1. Likewise, can't wait to see all the stunning stuff that's going to be on here in 2016 :)
                            1. I've loved discovering and following along with your blog this year, I hope you've had a wonderful 2015! Your dog is absolutely adorable :)
                              1. A wonderful 2016 to you! Love to visit your blog.

                                Alexandra on the

                                1. so beautiful!*
                                  1. Wow, amazing pictures! And the dog is really adorable :) x Mel
                                    1. very very very beautiful! thank you for inviting us!

                                      Carina on the