Ellie in the Time of the Flowers

Ellie & I spent an afternoon running around back in July. I'm pretty sure we terrified all the tourists in the process but it was a lot of fun. Ellie is just one of those girls you feel so happy around, her eyes and smile let you relax as you find yourself talking as if you've always been friends. We sat in the grass giggling between the shots and it all felt so marvellous. The day was warm, the kind of day that makes you glad you can be outside and part of the World.

The hours melted away and at times it was easy to let the sounds of the noisy city slip away, for moments we weren't in the heart of it all but somewhere quiet and wild. I look at these photos now and see how distant we looked, not at all how it was and it reminds me how mysterious photography can be; how it can show you just a tiny fraction of the bigger picture at times. It was a good day back in July, one of those days that summer feels it should be all about.


  1. These are Absolute Gorgeous pictures!!!! Jade x
    1. I have recently discovered your blog - and WOW it's truly brilliant and so inspiring. As an amateur photographer I'd love to know what camera / equipment you shoot with :) I am sure you are asked this a lot by previous comments but I was unable to find an answer. Thank you :)

      Felicity on the

      1. I love these pictures, and she is such a pretty girl.
        1. Wauw so is so beautiful!!!
            1. stunning photographs

              she on the

              1. You have great blog! Your photos are so inpiring :-)
                1. I wish I had photographs of myself like this too... She's beautiful!

                  Ashley on the

                  1. Wow, I really love your blog!! And I love all of your photographs!! :) I will follow your blog! It's amazing :) Viola
                    1. Colours in these are amazing!
                      1. I'm in love with that green top 💕

                        Gabby on the

                        1. Great set of photos! Love her vintage style.
                          1. うつくしい !

                            柴垣 彩乃 on the

                            1. Such an inspiring series - I love everything! Ellie is beyond beautiful - the essence of a true English rose with her flowing red locks and freckle kissed skin. Nice work!
                              1. I love the colors here! Your summer looks very different to our kind (in a good way!)

                                Patricia W on the

                                1. ♥_♥ Such beautiful photographs.

                                  Nicola Coster on the

                                  1. wow oh wow, she is so gorgeous! just had a look at her blog and can't believe how talented and young she is! beautiful images, they've brightened up my rainy monday! :)

                                    Bree on the

                                    1. oh my gosh I love this! the tones here are so magical!
                                      1. Today I was just thinking with myself: I'm sad because my favorite blog stopped posting... Then when I enter Blogloving SEARCHING FOR TOMORROW IS BACK IN BUSINESS! Most gorgeous photographs ever! Lovely!
                                        1. these photographs are so beautiful, I'm glad I found your blog x
                                          1. Schöne fotos!

                                            Johanna W. on the

                                            1. Those photo's are beautiful!!! Can I ask which lens you used? I really like Ellie's hair color and her style!

                                              Sunshine on the

                                              1. It is really strange how sometimes some of our feelings can be trapped only through photography! Really beautiful shots! <3 I love that you got to include so many flowers in your pictures.

                                                Simona on the

                                                1. Beautiful photographs! xx fashionismyfirstlanguage.blogspot.ie

                                                  Elizabeth on the

                                                  1. Wonderful photo's! Yes, I realy love these
                                                    1. Man, I wonder what it's like being that gorgeous.

                                                      Kate on the

                                                      1. The contrast of the red and green is wonderful! Fantastic pictures yet again
                                                        1. Such an amazing series ! This model is so sweet♥
                                                          1. Shes one of the most beautiful women ive ever seen!
                                                            1. ahhh her her colour is perfect! love these as always, but i especially love the one of her laying down in the daisies.
                                                              1. Pretty hair, pretty face, pretty flowers. Fabulous overalls. Fantastic shots. :)
                                                                1. ooh so wonderful. she is so beautiful. :D stunning series. love it. <3
                                                                  1. oh my god, this is the best photoshoot i've ever seen! :)
                                                                    1. These are so beautiful! I love red heads! :)

                                                                      Sarah Draper on the

                                                                      1. she is so beautiful! And also beautiful photos

                                                                        emma on the

                                                                        1. These are so stunning! Ellie looks beautiful.
                                                                          1. Gorgeous images - and love your friend's incredible hair! Serious color envy going on right now N xxx
                                                                            1. She is so cute. Love these pictures Kitty.
                                                                              1. These are so beautiful, and gotta say I love her freckles! Indeed the first picture is so refreshing and brings back a bit of the magic of the 70's.
                                                                                1. I had the most amazing day shooting with you Kitty!! You are such a talented person and I am so lucky to have been able to meet you! I love the photos and feel they really capture what a wonderful day we had!
                                                                                  1. Kitty this is beautiful! I especially love the first photo, there's something very breathtaking about it :) Ellie is gorgeous and she seems like a really nice person. Glad to hear you had fun :)!

                                                                                    Sarah on the

                                                                                    1. Holy smokes she is so beautiful! That hair... her eyes... just wow!! Lovely shots. <33

                                                                                      Anja on the