Ellie in the Time of the Flowers

Ellie & I spent an afternoon running around back in July. I’m pretty sure we terrified all the tourists in the process but it was a lot of fun. Ellie is just one of those girls you feel so happy around, her eyes and smile let you relax as you find yourself talking as if you’ve always been friends. We sat in the grass giggling between the shots and it all felt so marvellous. The day was warm, the kind of day that makes you glad you can be outside and part of the World.

The hours melted away and at times it was easy to let the sounds of the noisy city slip away, for moments we weren’t in the heart of it all but somewhere quiet and wild. I look at these photos now and see how distant we looked, not at all how it was and it reminds me how mysterious photography can be; how it can show you just a tiny fraction of the bigger picture at times. It was a good day back in July, one of those days that summer feels it should be all about.