Elderflower Ice-lollies & Sunshine

It's long been tradition that every June, Kitty's family visit her Grandparent's old and towering elderflower tree to cut the flowers and turn it into fresh elderflower cordial. The sweet fragrance fills the air, especially after summer rain showers when the flowers glisten with their caught droplets. They use an old family recipe that has been lovingly passed down for generations. The flowers are soaked in a bucket for days in order for it to turn into the syrupy drink that is always a highlight of our summers. This year we wanted to play with it a bit more and make some ice lollies which we've quickly fallen in love with, so we've shared it here in case you too would like to try it out. If it's late in the season, most of the fresh elderflower will be growing into elderberries; in that case, or if you're short of time, you can use bottled elderflower cordial instead!


  • 1 fresh lemon or orange
  • Elderflower cordial (freshly made or shop bought)
  • Water


  1. Cut thin slices of your lemon or orange, you may need to half the slices of orange so they will fit in your ice cream moulds without being squished.

    Then pour in your elderflower cordial. Once frozen a lot of the taste may seem quite subtle so we tend to fill ¼ of our ice lolly moulds with cordial and fill the rest with water up to the top.

    The lemon or orange slices may float to the top so just push them back down so the sides of the moulds hold them in position.
  2. Put in your lolly sticks. We secured ours with elastic bands around the mould to keep them in the middle. Place them in your freezer and leave for a few hours until they're fully frozen.
  3. Remove them from the moulds once they're ready and enjoy!

We put some leftover elderflowers in our lollies for fun!


  1. That looks beautiful !!

    Jule on the

    1. I'm from China and I have been your fan for like over 5 years. I have been obsessed with your photos since I was 18 and now I'm going to be 24 soon. I like you, I like your pics, I like the story of you and Nathan, I like you loving your family so much.

      Queenie Lau 刘奎妮 on the

      1. beautiful pictures <3 Love, monaliza

        monaliza on the

        1. Who knew ice lollies could be so pretty! Stunning imagery xx
          1. Mmmh I love ice lollies... and I love elderflower!! Can't wait to try this out, think I'm gunna get sticky!

            Debrah Deverm on the

              1. These photos are unreal - so beautifully ethereal! Wow. Gotta love elderflower! x
                1. These photos are so so beautiful. You have such a gift for turning the everyday into something closer to a fairy tale. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. x
                  1. This looks great. So cute. Really a good idea for hot summer evenings to impress friends and family a bit. ;)
                    1. amazing! i wanna try this simple but beautiful recipe.
                      1. Wow, this is so pretty it hurts!

                        Zoey on the

                        1. This place is beautiful! The shots are taken with such pretty lighting, and it looks as if everyone is having fun! Thanks so much for sharing! Will definitely be making some ice lollies for the summer. -Kyia

                          K. Bella on the

                          1. omg this is sooo beautiful!!! loove it <3
                            1. What a lovely idea with lollies and beautiful photos. I make elderflower limonade every year and it's just the best thing ever!
                              1. This looks so lovely - thank you for the recipe! :)
                                1. oh i love elderflower everything, but i've never had elderflower ice lollies before!
                                  1. Interesting recipe. Love your pictures too!
                                    1. Wow, this sounds delicious. And the photos are amazing!