Deer Studies

June has arrived, yet it's nose-numbingly chilly and the grey spring sky seems infinite. Life has been busy and we haven't been able to go on our little wanders. So today when a free afternoon suddenly unfolded, it was time to grab the camera, slow down and enjoy a wee rambling dog walk. Finding beauty and appreciating our every day surroundings has been something we've been working really hard on; it's sometimes hard to see your regular settings with fresh and excited eyes. But today felt a step closer to that goal and the deer decided it was due time for a new photo shoot anyway.


  1. Beautiful animals & stunning photos <3 xx
    1. Wow, what an amazing photoshoot! I especially love the last picture ahah 💛💚 I've just discovered your blog, thanks to "Carnets de printemps" and I have to admit, I'm already a fan! See you soon!
      1. I am amazed - not only by the beauty of these photographs, but also by the trust you and these deer seem to share. x
        1. Truly stunning photos!
          1. These pictures are so beautiful! I especially love the last one where the deer sticks out its tongue :).
            1. I don't even know what to say or where to start! These photos are absolutely and purely beautiful!
              1. Wow, beautiful Pictures!!
                  1. These photographs have made me crave some outdoors time. Beautiful.
                    1. Wow! You are so close :) Love the pictures <3
                      1. Beautiful photos! The are really magical animals. Love the close ups especially.
                        1. Absolutely stunning pictures! I really like how all the pictures have come together provided the perfect nature colour palette.
                          1. You must be the deer whisperer or something! And I never knew you could see as many as that herd you have pictured there –what a wonderful day you must've had! PS. I received your letter yesterday and of course it made my day! Thanks for that sweet postcard and also for having taken the time to write <3 Life's a little hectic at the moment, but I promise I'll send something once I have a bit of space to breathe. :) xx
                            1. Wow such absolutely beautifully breathtaking photographs. Truly stunning. Katie xx
                              1. Absolutely beautiful photographs
                                1. Just stunning... What amazing creatures....
                                  1. I love it when you visit Deerland and bring back some amazing photos to share with us. But more than anything I love how you have managed to capture the forest as if it is a character on its own! Beautiful, Kitty! x

                                    Ilsie on the

                                    1. Guauuuuu
                                      1. This is so beautiful, i love it!

                                        Simonne on the

                                        1. These photos are simply stunning! And yes, we can find beauty everywhere if we look for it. xx
                                          1. These photos are SO cool - amazing how close you managed to get to the deer!

                                            Matilda on the

                                            1. Summer trip please!!

                                              Tiny on the

                                              1. So beautiful! And seeing beauty in the smallest things can be a bit hard, but its so important!
                                                1. So beautiful!
                                                    1. Hermosas fotografías! transmiten mucho, agradables de observar..: ) Saludos !

                                                      Sabina Rios on the

                                                      1. Wow! Beautiful pictures! I can't imagine a beautiful green landscape with beautiful animals as my everyday surroundings.
                                                        1. Your photos are always amazing! But this time… I have no words to describe them! Congratulations for your amazing work as usually!

                                                          Iolanda on the

                                                          1. Such lovely photos. We get a lot round our way too, had two jump out in front of the car recently but managed to miss them, made my day to see them though :-)

                                                            Highlandhearts on the

                                                            1. Fabulous photos :)

                                                              Deirdre on the