Candlewick Lane

The Candlewick sisters of Candlewick Lane were known for their casting of spells.
They'd sit in the woods, hair covered by hoods; pealing out the singing church bells.
Sparks fizzled and hissed amongst their fair mist, the brambles braided their hair,
The villagers frowned, demanded them to be drowned, the girls would cry in despair.

The Candlewick sisters of Candlewick Lane were known for their talking to the moon,
The folk gathered a clan, and their hunt began as the sisters hummed their blue croon.
Completely misunderstood, they fled to their woods, where they disappeared into the smoke,
And it was there on this day that the girls vanished away, right under the old chestnut oak.

Make up by Jess Heath. Model is Lyvia Aylward-Davies.


  1. These are so cool :D Loove the light, and the black & white tones :D
      1. Kitty, these are so spectacular! I love the magic you create by entwining words with your photo tales, it's a real special thing to be able to do. Please never stop creating, your blog is half the reason why I ever bother with this internet any more! Xxxx

        Beauty in my eyes on the

        1. I love the movement in the final image! Stunning.
          1. Very strong images. I like the black and white tones. The poem is haunting.

            Ju on the

            1. Amazing!

              Rocio on the

              1. WOW! These are incredible. Thank you for sharing yet another inspiring story. Watching you and your photography grow is wonderful. Your words will lull me into dream land tonight. <3

                harriet holland on the

                1. Your photoshoot is very beautiful. I feel mysterious and thoughtful watching the images. Also the poem sounds like a song. Sorry for my English. Much love, Goran x

                  Göran on the

                  1. Magical fairytale! :)

                    Hildi on the

                    1. I must say they are definitely a bit different from your usual work but one can still see you've made them and that's very impressive! It's sad they got rejected but I'm sure that has nothing to do with the photos themselves. I really like how you've washed out the black & white a bit so there are no pure blacks (at least on my screen that is) and I think my favorites are 1, 5 and 6 :)
                      1. These are so beautiful, Kitty. The reasons behind other peoples actions are always a mystery... the denial may have had nothing to do with your work, but instead logistics. I know your career will contenue to advance as it already has :) We love you Kitty, you always have your army of dreamers xoxo

                        Jolee on the

                        1. This is amazing Kitty, wow. The poem is magical and I love the high contrast in the photos. Lovely!
                          1. I'm still so excited since you emailled me this earlier, so proud of us once again! They'll be up on my blog tomorrow morning too <3
                            1. I love the poem and photo story. So inspiring, your blog never ceases to make my day!! xxxx

                              Mandy on the

                              1. Eerie!!! I LOVE them!!
                                1. Superb series of photos, I liked the story too.

                                  Robert Wilson on the

                                  1. Wow such beautiful black and white photography! Love every photo. Keep up the wonderful work! :)
                                    1. oh kitty this is one of my fav. serie ever. I love love it!!!!
                                      1. These are divine Kitty! Don't mind the ones who rejected your submission, they have missed out on a lot and I'm sure many will be pleased and inspired by such wonderful creations to fawn over on this blog. I cannot wait to see more from you, beautiful, wonderful girl. I hope you never stop giving out love to the world.

                                        Taya on the