Blackberries in Summer

We've been quiet around these parts as we enjoy this new life as a family with our little Freda who arrived just before sunset on a balmy May evening. Everyday has been a new adventure as we learn and grow alongside her. It's been a time for curling up, family naps and finding a different pace to a new daily routine together, and it's been refreshingly wonderful. There are really no words to describe this kind of love and joy she has brought into our World.

It's hard to believe summer is ebbing away, but the nights creep in and the last light begins to dwindle. Right now, the blackberries are out in force; it's been an incredibly hot and also incredibly wet summer, so the hedgerows are bursting with growth. We wandered out late one evening to forage a few to scuttle home with. Caught in golden hour, the hedges lead us down the dusty track to the heather where we sat awhile, reminiscing and chuckling of the times we'd roll around here capturing moments to share on DeviantArt. It's funny how a place can hold space for both old and new memories to live side by side. In the last light of the day we ambled back home, sleeping babe in arms and a heavy colander in tow. We can't wait for many years ahead full of foraging with Freda. If you find yourself inundated with blackberries too, maybe this little ice lolly recipe could be something nice and simple to play with too!


  • 350g fresh blackberries
  • 150ml semi-skimmed milk
  • 170ml condensed milk


  1. Stir the semi-skimmed and condensed milk together in a bowl.
  2. Mix in 110g of the berries, crushing them to add a bit of colour to the milk.
  3. Divide the rest of the blackberries into your lolly moulds (we recommend 6-8 moulds) and then fill them with the milk mixture.
  4. Freeze and enjoy!


  1. just curious, what lens did you use?and a assume that you already use the full frame DSLR, right?
    1. Wow...so beautiful in every way. I Love it even if I'm biased. Yes, must admit I'm related being a Dad-Grandparent proudly looking on from Australia.

      Dad-Opa on the

      1. You write so beautifully! Hope to read more. So happy to see your wonderful little family. The photos with Freda are so magical! I wish you all the absolute best in everything!

        Taefin on the

        1. Hubba bubba! x

          Shaniqua Jade on the

          1. oh such a wonderful blog. I love those beautiful photos. ❤️ Congrats to your little family!
            1. I can't even imagine what it would be like to be so blissfully happy, in such perfect simplicity. Congrats on your precious family. What a magical time. Thank you for sharing with us.
              1. So lovely to have you back with a bundle of joy too!

                Jennie on the

                1. Wow... your photos are beautiful! Seeing the blackberry bushes makes me miss that little bush in my Grandma's backyard that my brother and I would always pick from when we were kids.
                  1. oh guys such gorgeous photos (as ever) and beautiful little freda! so lovely to see you so happy and contented x
                    1. Ohh what a beautiful post!! So lovely to see you back with a gorgeous daughter in tow! x

                      Elaine Rose on the

                      1. Congratulations! Your little Freda is absolutely precious.
                        1. Oh wow!! These pictures and everything!! Your Freda is so darling!!
                          1. Wow, beautiful images and those ice creams look absolutely delicious, will definitey give them a try!

                            Amanda G on the

                            1. Gorgeous! 💕

                              Lucinda on the

                              1. Looking forward your new article and photographs ❤️
                                1. These are so, so beautiful! Hope you're all doing well <3
                                  1. beautiful post, and freda is adorable! welcome to the world little one! x

                                    janna on the

                                    1. I love your photos!!! ❤️

                                      Tilly Loveluck on the