Birds of a Feather

A shoot with Liza from Moscow.


    1. beautiful beautiful beautiful.........really love the tone color.

      John Charles on the

      1. I really enjoyed this post and I am really amazed to see all of those wonderful birds standing close to Liza! I have a similar place at the lake from my park and sometimes gulls and ducks come there but the ducks are always afraid to stay close. This year some swans came along but they were pretty far from the boat bridge. I love the softness in your pictures and I find the place with rocks interesting! Simona xx
            1. I agree with everyone below about the jumper top, I want it too with the hat! Your images have been missed by me, I'm very excited to always see new posts. <3

              Elbjørg on the

              1. This series is stunning and the colours compliment each other so well. Great job! x

                Becky on the

                1. NEED THAT JUMPER! Oh my god your blog is so dreamy to find! I love everything, especially the heart icon thing *too much fun*! Your photos are gorgeous and full of a kind of lulling beauty.

                  Lilli on the

                  1. These are amazing!! :D

                    Kelli Murray on the

                      1. Oh gosh these are such stunning photos, love the soft tones.
                        1. So fragile and gorgeous!

                          emma on the

                          1. I love your creation <3

                            Eliška on the

                            1. I love how "minty" the tones are!

                              Marianna on the

                              1. These are soooo pretty! Where did the top come from? I love it so much! Very pretty series indeed. xxx

                                suzy on the

                                1. These pictures are just great! I love birds and pastels!