A Fresh Breath

Searching for Tomorrow has been given a bit of a new look and with it comes a fresh breath; a new start of sorts. It is a physical change that launches one of our hopes for 2014. Searching for Tomorrow began in 2012 as a creative outlet, a place where Kitty could post series and write about things. As clichéd as it may sound, she never expected to get it half as far as it has reached today. The friendships it has started have been the most invaluable outcome. Like all little things, it started to change and grow, and soon Nathan was contributing half of our adventure posts and it felt wrong to not credit him for his hard work, after all he is the brain power behind this entire blog keeping it up and running behind the scenes. It made me realise that this is where I want to the blog to be and to have time to develop within; our more quiet documentation stories that don’t have to be anything more than a photograph set of a Sunday morning breakfast. So with this new blog look, it marks the beginning of a dual-blogging partnership from both of us. It will hopefully mean more smiles and ways to reach out and share with people who kindly join us here.