A Fresh Breath

Searching for Tomorrow has been given a bit of a new look and with it comes a fresh breath; a new start of sorts. It is a physical change that launches one of our hopes for 2014. Searching for Tomorrow began in 2012 as a creative outlet, a place where Kitty could post series and write about things. As clich├ęd as it may sound, she never expected to get it half as far as it has reached today. The friendships it has started have been the most invaluable outcome. Like all little things, it started to change and grow, and soon Nathan was contributing half of our adventure posts and it felt wrong to not credit him for his hard work, after all he is the brain power behind this entire blog keeping it up and running behind the scenes. It made me realise that this is where I want to the blog to be and to have time to develop within; our more quiet documentation stories that don't have to be anything more than a photograph set of a Sunday morning breakfast. So with this new blog look, it marks the beginning of a dual-blogging partnership from both of us. It will hopefully mean more smiles and ways to reach out and share with people who kindly join us here.


  1. I'm scrolling through your Bloglovin' feed of your posts and I am amazed by each and every single one of them.
    1. Eeeeh I love your Florrie so much!! I haven't read your blog for a while so am excited to see what new things you have in store together. :] x

      Cathy on the

      1. This was the most peaceful and lovely thing to see first thing in the morning. I just came across your blog for the first time, love it.

        Katie on the

        1. Really wonderful thing that you've done here!! It is really lovely to share something you like with someone close to you. I love the fact that now I have a bigger Florrie on my screen, ha ha! [: The new design of the blog looks great and I also love the pictures in the About section! May this step bring you three even more happiness!! (I now just imagined how it would be if Florrie would put her paw on the camera and snap a few shots also!!) Much love, Simona xxx
          1. You have just gained a new reader! <3
            1. You both do such a good job! i love the new look, and i am looking forward for new post. you're such an inspiration!
              1. Great job! Your photos are so warm and touchy! keep doing the good job (:

                Ghaida' on the

                1. Well done Nathan & Kitty! You are a wonderful team and I look forward to reading/seeing all your exciting new posts together. You both tell brilliant stories and I'm happy you're pursuing it. :) x

                  Frances on the

                  1. Kitty. I absolutely adore you and your photos. You put the awesome in awesomeness. Thanks for being such an inspiration!
                    1. Hi there! I just discovered your blog through Bloglovin, and this is the first post I am reading. I must say, it's love at first sight :) Keep up the good work, I can promise I will hang around here more often ;)
                      1. That is incredibly sweet of you, thank you so much! It's lovely to meet you (and your blog is dreamy!) [:

                        Kitty on the

                    2. I have been an admirer of your blog for the past year Kitty (and Nathan!) and every post seems to lift my mood immediately:) I hope the new year continues to be a great one x

                      Grace on the

                      1. i like visiting your blog and watching the photos which are so real. good luck to both of you in the future blogging;)
                        1. First time in your blog, and won't be the last one!, amazing photos.
                          1. Thank you so much, Virginia! Your blog is beautiful, will definitely be visiting lots! [:

                            Kitty on the

                        2. Wonderful look! Love the photos, too... so cozy. (Puppy!!) :D I like the size of them, too, really adds to the impact/feel of the blog. Cheers! Kate x Artsy Abroad //
                          1. Thank you so much, Katie. Your words have made us incredibly happy and smiley. Plus I'm extremely excited you stopped by as I can now get lost on your wonderful blog! [:

                            Kitty on the

                        3. The 'About' page is beautiful, and the last image is breathtaking. good luck to you both with everything, your work remains as incredibly talented as always. what a beautiful little family!

                          Anikha on the

                          1. Sometimes you don't realise how uneasy you may feel about something until someone says something that is so comforting, it makes you realise. And your comment really put my rocky mind at rest, which I am incredibly grateful for. Thank-you for your words of support and kindness, they mean a huge amount to receive. <3

                            Kitty on the

                        4. Oh, Florrie is the cutest thing, as always! Gorgeous photos.
                          1. I'm sure if she could say thank-you, she would! Thank you so much for your tremendous support. <3

                            Kitty on the

                        5. This is awsome :)

                          Robyn on the

                          1. Thank you, Robyn. You're awesome!

                            Kitty on the

                        6. This is so beautiful Kitty!

                          Piratta on the

                          1. Thank you Piratta!

                            Kitty on the

                        7. A fantastic new look. So sleek and gorgeous!
                          1. May or may not have squealed to see you come to our little corner of the web... Thank you so, so much! <3

                            Kitty on the

                        8. Oh i simply adore the new look lovely!! and the 'love' feature! I literally squealed when it said 'hold still' and flickered away!! Nathan is a genius!!! I love it! We see your beautiful photos large in all their glory! congratulations love love love xxx
                          1. Bless your heart, thank you Rebecca! We really and truly appreciate it more than words have meaning. <3

                            Kitty on the

                        9. Beautiful! love the atmmosphere!
                          1. Thank you so very much!

                            Kitty on the

                        10. I just found your blog and love the redesign. It is fresh and peaceful.
                          1. Those are incredibly kind words, thank you so much Harmony. [:

                            Kitty on the

                        11. Oh dear, this is splendid! I love seeing how this blog keeps developing :) Much love to both of you!

                          Sarah on the

                          1. Thank you Sarah! Expect a big letter in the post soon. [: