A Bit of Woodland Magic

The October daylight is sinking as we swaddle ourselves up in warm layers. Our kettle rattles as we wait for a large cup of tea before stepping out into the chilly afternoon. The Sun leaves long shadows tapping at our windows. That distinctive autumnal air hangs low.

Our feet echo in the still road; unusually quiet even for a weekend afternoon. The concrete path merges to grass and the buildings melt away behind us. The linden trees turn to oak turn to pine.

The animals are out at play, as if taking the opportunity to quietly lark before the night arrives. It seems so ethereal, like being caught amongst the pages of Snow White. We smile. We keep going, deeper into the trees for a breath of fresh air and a chance to witness what feels like a bit of woodland magic before it's time for bed.


  1. Would it be possible to share your photo of the stag on my Facebook page to spread a bit of beauty and magic in this time of anger and chaos. Please.

    James Parrish on the

    1. Looking at those images my mind rests and wanders to beautiful places. The world stands still for a short moment and I realixe that beauty is all around us. Thanks so much fof those little dreamy breaks you are giving to us.

      Josefine on the

      1. Oh my goodness, the natural light in these photos is breath taking.
        1. I've followed your blog for a few years now and it almoast feels like unwrapping a present when there's a news post. But I've never quite understood where this woodland is. You live in London right? Is this far from the city?

          Ellen on the

          1. Please post more! I love your images & stories. Merry Christmas!
            1. Truly such a beautiful series of images.
                1. BEAUTIFUL AS ALWAYS!!!
                  1. Very nice woodland magic! Looking at this post feels like going on an Autumn journey too. :)

                    Lara on the

                    1. Absolutely love this!
                      1. I totally love your text and the photos you decided to share with us ❤🍂
                        1. just beautiful! 🍄

                          emily saunders on the