Kitty and Nathan together in the sun.

We’re Kitty & Nathan and we were both born in the summer of 1990.

We live in a little 100-year-old white house with a blue door in London with our puppy Florrie. In summer we throw the garden door open and spend all evening watching the stars. In winter we light fires and roast chestnuts. We try to make the most of those little moments that make us happy and we photograph as much of it as we can.

Searching for Tomorrow began as a creative outlet for Kitty to share her photo stories, writing of thoughts and diary pieces. As it grew in age, Nathan started to hold the camera once more and soon the blog posts became a joint effort, we had become a photo-creating team. And Kitty kind of liked it more than anything. So now it’s both of ours, because sharing is good.

Therefore, welcome to our little warm corner of the web where we welcome you to adventure with us and escape the humdrum outside. May you leave feeling refreshed and knowing you will always be welcomed back, any time.

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Florrie, our little fluffy puppy.