Girls like us

With chewing gum between our teeth and the wind tangling our hair, we're the kids who just don't care. Somewhere behind the car park between the meadows and tarmac, you'll find us there. Skipping one minute and resting the next, there is life in our lungs as laughter deafens those around. We're all learning how to live.

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The Autumn & Winter lookbook I shot for Evie Knight.

Models: Diana Savickaja & Lyvia Aylward-Davies.
Make up: Carly (Lyvia's friend!)


Avatar for Saška
This is one of the best! i love it! ♥

Posted by Saška  at 

Avatar for Katy
Should be in fashion magazines! *_*

Posted by  Katy at 

Avatar for Taisia
The best lookbook I have seen! :D x

Posted by  Taisia at 

Avatar for Ella Ruth
Wow! Lovely to see something a bit darker from you, you multi-talented creature! These are gorgeous :] xx

Posted by Ella Ruth at 

Avatar for Brian B
Lovely post! Full of colourful inspiration! :-)

Posted by  Brian B at 

Avatar for Georgia Rees
Your photographs never cease to amaze me, Kitty. Just when I start to lose all motivation and inspiration, you come along with your new art work and spark everything again. Your photos make people feel things, you couldnt ask anything more from a photographer. Thankyou, Kitty, you're wonderful.

Posted by  Georgia Rees at 

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lovely photos! dark and cool! :)) ~xx Lalaine lalainephotos.blogspot.com

Posted by lalaine at 

Avatar for Jean
These are beautiful! Thank you for brightening my day! :)

Posted by  Jean at 

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i don't usually like a/w shoots cos they always look so cold and it depresses me after summer! but i like these a LOT...more like LOVE them! just my kind of brand! <3

Posted by  beth  at 

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Beautifully shot Kitty!!

Posted by Vera Wilde at 

Avatar for Vixen
Totally gorge! x

Posted by  Vixen at 

Avatar for Katie Eleanor
kitty these are beautiful! they breathe out at you, the way it's shot i can imagine you running around just as freely and full of life. another flower of magic to add to your meadow xxx

Posted by  Katie Eleanor at 

Avatar for Kiki
Oh, these are really lovely and convey this carefree attitude of the young. I worked with Lyvia a few years back. She's so lovely.

Posted by Kiki at 

Avatar for Matilda Groene
The clothes are so cute! Perfect for fall!

Posted by  Matilda Groene  at 

Avatar for Lydia
Beautiful lookbook! The girls are so stunning! xx

Posted by  Lydia at